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  1. Here is hoping that in near future firmware updates the pitch shifter can be addressed. Currently, the pitch shifter has a noticeable warbling that occurs with chords and when multiple strings are played. Still useable however annoying. Maybe hardware will not accommodate such a desired effect. If that is so, it would be helpful for the Support folks to explain it to us users. With pure pitch shifting the possibilities for usefulness are endless. It becomes an electronic capo which would wonderful for quick changing between songs. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in wishing for this. Cheers
  2. Somewhat unrelated, but if you have a Mac and use Logic X, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, update to High Sierra. Your copy of Logic X will no longer work. They want $199 to update Logic!!
  3. Any hints on when we might expect the next Helix firmware update?
  4. How about a global export function for IRs?
  5. Someone from Line 6 please answer this question. Does the Helix have the hardware/software capability to create an effect similar to the Digitech FreqOut feedback device? I now there are several of us who would LOVE to have that feature available. Still hoping that you will release an amp model of the Friedman BE-100.
  6. Has anyone heard any rumors of what will be in the next firmware update?
  7. A great addition for the wish list would be for the Helix to be able to have something similar to DigiTech FreqOut Natural Feedback Creator. VERY cool
  8. Got mine from Tuki covers. $90 and it is REALLY padded and nice
  9. Great find by Power User in this thread!
  10. The Friedman BE-100 would be awesome. I already bought the Friedman cab IR from 3 Sigma. To have the amp model would be heaven.
  11. Hey Line 6, how about a Friedman BE-100 amp model in the next firmware release?
  12. So someone please clear this up for me. If I am going to use the firmware updater to load 2.0 firmware, I MUST have the 2.0 Helix Editor installed? Are you telling me that the Updater does NOT work without the Helix Editor? Someone form LINE 6, please answer that question. Incidentally, someone (maybe me) should contact Glenn Deluane and let him know that his patches cause the 2.0 firmware to blow up if that is the case.
  13. I am using a Mac running El Capitan with current updates. I am using the latest version of Line 6 Updater and Helix Editor 1.12. I downloaded Firmware 2.0 and installed to the Helix. It caused the Helix to lockup to preset and completely disabled all functionality. I power cycled the Helix to see if resetting would help. Nope. I backed the Firmware down to 1.12 and it worked fine. I called support and spoke to the technician. He had me do the firmware update again. It appeared to work and then locked up as soon as I got off the phone. I backed the firmware to 1.12 again. My Helix is one of the first that came from Line 6 in late 2015 so I am wondering if there are any subtle hardware changes that were made that would block the proper working installation of firmware upgrades. If so, I am pretty upset because that would mean that I am stuck. The unit is still under warranty but this really concerns me. Anyone else having this same type of problem? The technician stated that presets that I had that might have been caused by older presets that were built on the older firmware. That also concerns me because that would mean that anytime there is an update, I would have to dump the presets and start over. That would mean a LOT of wasted preset development time. Line 6 please advise.
  14. OK - I think figured out what I was doing wrong. When deciding to use the Helix as the "sound card", all I had to do is connect the speakers to the output of the Helix. At least that is what I need to do to get sound. However, I am not sure I was doing anything going through the Mac or was merely using the output of the Helix and bypassing the Mac. Probably not the solution I was looking for.
  15. OR I would like to just be able to connect the Helix via USB to my Mac and get sound. How?
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