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  1. FullMotion

    Volume drop with 4CM

    Do you have the Helix master volume (the large volume knob) turned up all the way? That is where it needs to be set for unity gain.
  2. FullMotion

    Free Helix Back Panel Inputs/Outputs Label sticker.

    Very cool! Is this something I could have done at my local print or sign shop? What did you need to adjust on the spacing?
  3. FullMotion

    Using amp models with a real amp

    Agreed. I use 4 cable method a lot. When bypassing my tube amp's preamp, I will usually use the preamp only models on the Helix. With some models it sounds better to use the full amp.
  4. FullMotion

    Dual cab block

    I believe the dual cab block automatically pans the A cab left and the B cab right. This should be the only difference verses using two split cabs.
  5. FullMotion

    HX Effects 7 Cable Method

    I have my Helix set up this way. I use path A for one amp and path B for the other. I have the output block of each path hard panned so each signal stays separate. It sounds like you want to use the same path and effects for each amp using one at a time. You could just assign the output panning to a foot switch or snapshot setting and achieve this.
  6. FullMotion

    Getting a fuller sound?

    I run my Helix through my tube amps often and I am very happy with the tones I get. I rarely use the global EQ, so I would suggest turning it off and only using it for adjusting to the room you are performing in. The Helix is at unity gain with the big volume knob all the way up. This is the first thing I would suggest you try. Also, be sure you have any cabinet and IR blocks bypassesd. You didn't mention if you are running in the front of the amp, in to an effects loop, or 4 cable method. This info could help with troubleshooting.
  7. FullMotion

    Getting a good clean sound for recording

    Some great advice in this thread. I would also suggest trying a different speaker IR. The Lynchback is a great speaker, but may not get you the clean tones you are looking for.
  8. FullMotion

    backup for a helix at a gig

    I have a Zoom G3 that I take with me as a backup for gigs where I use a FRFR speakers. I do other gigs with the Helix through a Brunetti Pleximan (small, light-weight amp head) and 2x12. The amp is the backup for those.
  9. FullMotion

    Helix system usability improvements

    I'd love to see; - multiple parallel paths - user presets for blocks - separate modeled power amps - add a corresponding 1, 2, 3, 4 to the send/return block icons
  10. FullMotion

    Today I got the SD power stage 170

    It looks like a very good power amp. I've been considering one of these myself. Are you going to be using it with a band? One of my concerns is the power level.
  11. FullMotion

    A Word of Warning About Helix 2.0 Update

    I'm the original poster on this thread. I would suggest that you create a support ticket. If you have had the unit for less than 2 years, it is still covered by warranty if any repair is necessary.
  12. FullMotion

    Helix alternate tube preamps switching 4CM, Lehle, Hum reduction

    You could try the Ebtech Hum X. I've found it useful for these situations. https://www.amazon.com/Ebtech-Hum-Voltage-Filter/dp/B0002E4YI8
  13. FullMotion

    Looking for someone in London UK to help me with Helix

    I'm actually in London August 7 through 11 if that helps. The other thing you can try is adjusting the guitar impedance at the input block. This can make a big difference in some setups.
  14. FullMotion

    Looking for someone in London UK to help me with Helix

    I'm in Los Angeles, but I'll be visiting London in the first week of August. I'd be happy to help if you still need it at that point. Have you double checked that you are plugging in to the guitar input and not the Aux in? I've made that mistake once or twice. You could try enabling the input pad. The earlier advice to use the filters on the speaker blocks is really helpful. What method are you using to connect Helix to your speakers?
  15. FullMotion

    any thing in helix you think sucks?

    I don't like the update process. I'm really not thrilled with the fuzz pedals. I'm going to have to send mine in for a repair to the joystick. That said; I really do love this thing. One of the most fun pieces of gear I've ever owned.