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Community Answers

  1. Correction - you can move blocks - you just can't edit what block type they are.
  2. I have both as well. I find the MX5 easier to use for different applications. I was really hoping the POD Go would have been a smaller version of Helix with a built in expression pedal. Not being able to change or move blocks around has been a common complaint.
  3. That makes sense. However, I'm sure there will be another flagship processor after Helix.
  4. I agree. I have the Helix Floor and FM3. Helix is more user friendly - FM3 sounds more realistic. I think I'll actually sell both, get the FM9 and await the next Helix model.
  5. Look into Native. You should be able to do what you're describing and then save the setting into your HX Stomp for live use.
  6. Honestly, this thread is a stupid comparison. Helix - $1600 - includes everything you need AXIII $2000 PLUS $150 for expression pedal PLUS $700 for the FC-12 For $2850 vs $1600, that AXIII should absolutely sound better. It's like comparing a Ford Mustang V6 to a Ford Mustang Cobra. They will both get you from A to B, but one is more in price due to better components under the hood. And by the way, no other listeners besides guitarists will be able to tell the difference.
  7. Are the 4 preset blocks changeable? Meaning, can I alter a preset to have only effects (no amps, cabs, eq, wah) so I can essentially use this unit as an HX Effects with expression pedal to use it with tube amps via 4cm?
  8. I just saw this reply. From what I remember, I had no issues with the TRS cable. However, I have upgraded to a Marshall JVM 205c, so I'm using MIDI for all changes.
  9. I would guess a Helix II would debut around 2022 January NAMM. Just my guess as it gives a couple more years life to the current Helix. I would love for the Helix II to include a built-in receiver for wireless Guitar Transmitter and also for editing presets with an Mobile Device (refer to H&K Grandmiester/Black Spirit/Fender Mustang GT).
  10. Awesome!! You have a new subscriber here. What Ownhammer IR did you use if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I'll admit, I've been eyeing the PRS Archon - I think it's the best preamp in the Helix - again, makes me curious about the real deal.
  12. Well.......I'm a bit of a gear nut, no shame here! Looks like I'm alone on this one and that's OK with me. : ) While I like the convenience of effects processors, I just can't help but feel that there is an organic difference in sound with tube amps and analog gear. So when I find something that works well on the Helix, my curiosity makes me try it out via analog. The HX Effects has been awesome to integrate with my pedal board using the FX loops for other pedals. I like all different types of setups though and find it entertaining to learn about other player's. It's always interesting to hear another perspective or approach.
  13. I love the Kinky Boost and Kinky Compressor and therefore got the Xotic Boost and Xotic Compressor to add to my analog pedalboard. Has anyone else purchased the real pedal after using Line 6's version in the Helix?
  14. I tried Ownhammer but prefer Sigma Audio's IR's - mostly the Mesa Oversized Rectifier models. My personal favorite is the 3A ACE file. I would recommend the bundle deals for sure. Not sure if Ownhammer does this, but 3 Sigma Audio will update the IR's and send you a notice to download the new updated files - no additional charges.
  15. Very cool project. I did something similar with the HX Effects and a Pedal Pad board. Nice board!
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