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  1. The Helix Ideascale site has tons of suggestions, and almost all of them with any votes were moved to "in review" 3 years ago. I personally am only interested in the relatively new Helix FX, but I assume there is a lot of crossover. My question... Is there a place where Line6 lets us know what goodies they are working on, if any of the suggestions "may" be coming soon, or ... anything at all? Or do we just wait anxiously for the next firmware update...someday... and hope there is something useful in it? Not trying to sound negative (I'm enjoying the HX FX). But it would be nice to get an occasional.. "Yep, that's coming soon!" message on some of the ideas and improvements that I see.
  2. Back from the dead, and I agree completely. It doesn't matter if an effect is "Legacy" or anything else; I just need to know mono, stereo, and how it sounds. I'm on 2.70, and it still sucks to have to go into legacy to find other effects and still not know if they are stereo, etc. I've never owned an M3, M5, M19, M213 or anything else from L6, other than my 85-year old Flextone II XL (still going strong BTW) and an old original POD that I lost at a frat party gig gone bad back in the 60's or 80's or whenever the hell it was that it came out. Couldn't care less where the effects in the HX effects come from as long as they sound good. :)
  3. I've owned (and gigged regularly with) an old Flextone II XL for years, and it still sounds great. I recently bought a TC Flashback delay to insert in the effects loop, and it creates a bad 60hz hum. It sounds like a ground loop, but there is no way to get rid of it. The pedal is isolated from the AC mains, and I've tried ground lifts, different cables, etc. It even does it with just a patch cable plugged between the effects loop in/out jacks. There is no hum or issues at all with the amp, other than when I plug something into the effects loop. Is it possible that something has come loose on the effects loop connections in the amp, or was this always a problem? How can I fix this?
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