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  1. Just found this while having the same question. I think it would be a great enhancement to save various effects or distortions as templates. Since I´m new here I do not really know if it can be sent to development as an enhancement.
  2. Hi there, I just got a Shortboard MKII with a POD HD Pro. I tried to edit the shortboard to accept the buttons Funtion 1 and 2 as Footswitches. I don´t want to go for the FS5..8 Option. But 6 Footswitches would do it. As you may guess, I had no success doing it. Does one have an idea how it can be done? Or if it can be done? Thx for help
  3. The link is hidden in the ...click here section. Just select the "here". I will not show up as a link.
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