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  1. Hello I have an Amplifi75 with latest firmware installed, latest drivers on my PC. Everything updated. For some reason I can't get decent playback quality from this thing. When using a super short usb cable it works. But when using a longer cable (2 m) it's heavily distorted. I used the same long cable on my HD Pro X unit and that works just fine. What's the problem here. Nothing seems to fix it... Regards, Thomas
  2. Hey My Amplifi75 is working fine except for the USB playback/recording function. I've updated the amp to version 2.50.2 and have the latest 1.77 driver for Windows 7 home premium 32 bit. If I select the Amplifi75 as the output device for audio and play back an MP3 it has cracks in it. Also it doens't seem to use the correct sampling frequenty. It sounds lower in pitch. Any suggestions on what I could do to improve this? I was really hoping to use the device as a recording device at home. Kind regards, Thomas
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