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  1. Mine arrived today, ordere october 26th. Happy so far.
  2. Is that Yamaha eu or Yamaha uk? I had a feeling that this may be the case, my opinion is that they are checking each unit as there have more than a few problems.
  3. There is a need for the editor to me. I don't want to lie on the floor or stoop to edit. Putting the helix on a stand means no foot use age . And the biggy I have sight problems and can zoom away to my hearts content on my large iMac monitor and use my feet to stomp etc. But still ... No helix arrived for my order in the uk so it's all pretty much academic. Might look at the ax8 hmmm
  4. Any news from uk peeps re delivery or availability Tia
  5. My Local Gg store had no positive info and said don't hold your breath and indicated 2016 (October pre order) Variax integration to one side I may start looking at other products such as axe fx etc. There may be a way of processing dual inputs say variax mags plus the the piezo from my pod 500hd then into other gear for the modelling and cabs etc. I'm seeing all these early adopters as being really testers for the product although they have paid in full. There is something afoot either serious production issues or legal problems. And all the marketing efforts worldwide seemed to have slowed off ....
  6. It's a shame as they have put a lot of effort into design and marketing this unit and all the in store demos etc. All I have been doing since placing my order early October is looking on this forum and watching demo videos. The more I read this forum the more issues people are having with firmware etc. And there isn't full l6 link integration or a computer edit .etc etc. When / if the unit arrives at the local store I shall try and give it a test using frfr and a variax to try and make sure it's really what I want I have bought into the line 6 line quite a bit as I have 2 x variax, pod HD 500 and dt 50 so far. Otherwise may have looked elsewhere. Hmmm Franky
  7. Just spoken to guitar G Newcastle and there is no news regarding my ordered helix turning up. The approx delivery on the website has now gone ... So still very much a waiting game. Any news from others appreciated Franky
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