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  1. So just a question, it was mentioned on this or another forum that the main issue was some of the implementations they were adding, not so much the new models. So when does if ever line6 decide the issue is not going to be solved in a short time and breaks up the update, just releasing new models and such.
  2. Well since you already have a Helix and stomp I would say a decent to good frfr would be the way to go. I used to play my Helix through an Alto 112 with great success. The DT or the tweeker would be a great choice if you were useing the Hx effects and wanted a good clean tube amp to put it through. I actually do that useing my DT25 and running the Hx effects 4cm into the amp. I personally find I like a tube amp feel and sound and the Hx effects gives me all the other options. While the Helix sounded great through phones, through the frfr it was ok but just lacked in some aspects for me, one specific was the amp in the room sound and getting feedback. One thing to remember is when you are playing live most people won’t be able to tell the difference, as long as the songs are tight you will be fine.
  3. Exactly, in the past 2 weeks we have heard all the great things about 2.8. How the amps, drives and other features sound and work. Yes it got people like myself excited to hear and see videos of the features being used. It seemed as though any day it would hit, then nothing. So at this point hearing what some of the issues are we may get lucky with an end of summer release which is a bummer but ok it is what it is.
  4. I am in the same boat as you are, I have a feeling that is what is holding up the release, some of the new software functionality.
  5. I would have to agree with those who seem to be a bit upset. Everyone is different and that’s cool. I love my Line6 gear and have for years but that does not mean they get a pass all the time. The bottom line is they missed the release date (Spring 2019). I think what frustrates some of us including me is we have heard all the great things about this update, how the new amps sound, how the new OD,s sound and how all the new features work. So if that is true what seems to be the issue? Are they having issues implementing some of the more complex features, is it something that may take weeks to get right, just some info would be great. People can say I am impatient or I complain, fine maybe I do but this is a forum and we all have a right to voice our opinions in a proper fashion. Yeah I am very excited about what 2.8 will bring and in the end it will be awesome I am sure of that.
  6. Really nothing can be done but yeah it is a bit disappointing to keep hearing it will be soon.
  7. It all just seems weird, heard all kinds of good thing about how everything sounds yet no release. So close yet so far away.
  8. So just curious, what exactly is causing the delay in the release of 2.8. We have testers out there posting clips of other testers useing 2.8, we have heard line6 has put in hours working on 2.8, is there a huge issue holding things up or tiny issues. I am glad they are working to get it right and it will be well worth it again just curious.
  9. I get it also but as others have pointed out this is for a different market other the the bigger brothers. I am one of those who loved the Helix but never used it to the full potential. I am a simple setup guy, comp, od, amp/cab, mod maybe, delay maybe and reverb. 6 is plenty for my needs, I let my guitar to the rest.
  10. Sorry I am going to call BS on the whole can’t thing. Why did line6 put out the Hx stomp, because people wanted something smaller less expensive. I was one of them, I loved my Helix it just became too big and too much for my needs. Most of my patches were 6 blocks or less and I needed something smaller. So I sold it and went to atomic hoping maybe someday a smaller version would come out. Now we have a smaller unit and line6 did not think people would buy it wanting to import old patches, stupid. That’s what people like myself immediately thought of doing. I figured we are being told it’s basically the same unit but only one processor so only one signal path. Now we find out we can’t import old patches even if they are 6 blocks or less, so my question is why can’t we. There has to be some way and I hope line6 finds it.
  11. Really wanted to like this design and it simple use but both myself and the other guitar player in our band are returning them. We both ran into numerous dropout issues during practice twice. I was also having issues at home but thought maybe it was die to the close proximity of my wifi router but after moving in to several different locations the problem would not go away. To then have it happen at practice was the final straw. I really can't see how Line6 did not see this issue during testing, bit of a bummer.
  12. So Feature complete, am I to understand that to mean what we have in the Helix it what we are getting. I have no problem with that for the immediate future but I really hope that does not mean over the corse of the next year we will get no added features, that would be a real let down. Considering other companies have continued to update there product every so often with some kind of enhancements I would hope line6 would do the same since now they have a product that seems to be on par if not better in some ways from the competition.
  13. I have found much like the true amp it models some OD pedals don't sound very good with some amps IMO. For instance the KWB pedal in front of the Matchless 2 is a bit of heaven but in front of a Deluxe I hated it. If you follow the 3 quick tones video above, guitar straight into Helix and either headphones or right into an FRFR it should sound pretty close to that. I was shocked how easy it was and how close to that videos tone I got. Now if it still sounds horrible maybe something else is going on, anyway good luck.
  14. I am running into the same problem with the Helix footswitches as I did with the Firehawk. Because the footswitches are basically in the same level any time I go to toggle any on the upper level I accidentally also hit the one on the lower level. This was not an issue with the hd500 because it had the upper footswitches up higher on the beveled part. So is there any thing I can place on the top of them to make them a little higher so I won't run into this problem. Sure I can take my time and be careful but when you are playing you just want to hit them and move on.
  15. So here we are now the date is 1-12-2016 but I guess that is ok it is still a ramp up issue.......BS. Line 6 is now under Yamaha so they should have plants ready to handle the ramp up with little or no problems. This is just another line6 let down but that is ok. Because of the wait I have gotten back into my DT25 hd500 rig and have been using it to my delight along with the positive grid bias fx which sounds amazing. I have cancelled my Helix order and want nothing more to do with it. I really wish Line6 could have done a better job planning for this product.
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