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  1. I own a bunch of different guitars, and change the strings all the time without issue. My 2-year old JTV 69 still has the original strings on them - simply because I'm freaked out because everyone says that it messes with the setup, etc. should it be something I should be intimidated by? Or should o go for it? I bought a set of Elixer nano web 10's. If you don't recommend these strings, I'll pick up something else. Thoughts?
  2. Just curious... Is this design/manufacturing flaw still an issue? I'm thinking about getting am L2t, and was wondering...
  3. Thank-you. That clears things up!
  4. I could, and would like to, but i'm under the impression that doing that isn't a great way to go (i.e. = it won't use all the speakers in the cabinet or something like that) - I'm sorry if I'm not being specific enough -- I'm going from memory of something I read a while back in the POD 500X forum.
  5. BUMMER! Thanks for clarifying that.
  6. Ok, this is what I have: A JTV69 POD HD500X Amplifi 150 + MK Shortboard. Now, comes the fire hawk, which I'm thinking of getting. Why? Because of the JTV VDI connection. I love that it has it. My HD500X has it, and I can send an analog stereo signal to the Amplifi via stereo 1/4" jack, but I have heard (on these forums) that you don't get the best tone on Amplifi using this method. But this is what I wish I could do... I wish I could connect the USB out of the Firehawk to the USB on the back of the Amplifi. Now I would be bypassing the IOS remote of the Amplifi, and simply using it as a FRFR speaker, via USB. And then I could send the other analog outs of the Firehawk to whatever I want: audio card, mixer, what have you. Do you think this can be done? Does the USB on the Amplifi support "IN"? Dumb question? John
  7. Is the factory reset procedure where I power up the device while holding down the Volume button? If so, then yes. It's OK, I'm going to file this under the "wasn't meant to be" category, and just use analog for recording via headphone out. Thanks for all your help
  8. If anyone has success recording via USB with this thing into a MAC, I'd love to know. :)
  9. Device Flash Version: 2.10 Did you mean to say "Monkey does not interface with the AMPLIFI series"?
  10. vlxjim - I just checked that - -there is no option there either.
  11. Mac OX 10.6.8 Logic Studio 9 Updated the 150 last night to the latest version. Connected to the computer via USB. I don't see the 150 as an option to record from. It's the same USB cable I use to record from my HD500x, but for giggles, I tried another cable. Still nothing. I updated the Monkey app, and it doesn't see the Amplifi either. What am I missing? John
  12. I run a 1/8"-to-Dual 1/4"cable out of the headphone jack: http://tinyurl.com/m85qj73 to the back of my MOTU Ultralite MK3 channel 3/4 inputs. http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio/ultralite-mk3 The MOTU unit is connected to my Mac via Firewire, and that sends the audio to Logic Pro. I know there are cheaper solutions out there, but I have my Microphone, HD500x and Amplifi connected to the one unit for easy switching of inputs
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