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  1. If you're going to want to play both electric and acoustic at the SAME time, then you're going to have to re-work your presets so that they sound good in PA/Reference mode - much like you'd have to do if using another FRFR system or going directly into the PA... While Electric guitar mode sounds killer for the electric patches (seems to be a tad bit easier for me to dial in - not sure why), if you want the acoustic and electric sounds to sound good simultaneously, you're going to have to put in a little work... but worth it (at least it was for me)
  2. I swear that the Feedback Suppression doesn't seem to work on either of my L2t speakers. Doesn't matter if I select green, yellow or red. I could not get it to stop feeding back unless I specifically went into my ParaEq and notched out the offending frequency, whether it was at 8k, 10.1k, 4k, etc (after using an RTA to find it). I've set it up to try and "experience" the feedback suppression, but the L2t just keeps on ringing.... :(
  3. So did you open a Support Ticket? Even though you're out of warranty, I've found that they still respond to Support Tickets. And remember, not all moderators are Line 6 employees....
  4. Does it still go L+R is you don't have it as a closed L6 loop and changing the speaker mode to PA/Reference? I guess I'm asking if you need the closed loop?
  5. I believe he's connecting the X32 to the Stagesource speakers via analog input (XLR/rca) and the L6 the remaining Stagesource speakers together...
  6. The L6 link and the Main Outs share the same signals and volume levels. If you want separate control of the subs, you'd need to Aux Feed your subs (use and aux output to your subs)... It has it's advantages in that you're only sending what you want to the subs... Hope this helps...
  7. Sounds similar to the issue I've been having: http://line6.com/support/topic/13319-volume-drops/ Thanks for starting this post, some of the responses have given me some ideas to look at...
  8. okay, just noticed something... When I have the volume rolled all the way down, I still get some sound coming through the amp - almost sounds like the banjo tone (and this is while using the mag pickups)...
  9. My first thought that it may have been the ball ends shorting. But I opened up the unit and didn't find any of them - plus I believe that was an issue with the older (first gen?) JTV's that had been corrected. Thanks for the suggestion though... Oh, and I thought I was in the JTV forum...
  10. Recently I've been experiencing some intermittent volume drops while playing my JTV-69. On both the magnetic and variax pickups... Battery fully charged, cables good, etc... Anyone else experience this? Thanks... Tom
  11. 2 L2t's / L2m's will work just fine. I use them for my 7 piece 50s/60s Band. I use a pair of Behringer B1200D for subwoofers - easy to transport and great sound as well - I considered (and still want) and L3s, but at 85# and for the price, the pair of Behringer B1200Ds were more budget friendly...
  12. I use my L2t with a Behringer B1200D and have no issues with it. The B1200D has a selectable crossover and I've gotten some great results sound wise... Like you, I wanted to get an L3s, but couldn't afford it - plus at 83 lbs, I'm still trying to keep things on the lighter side... Hope this helps. Tom
  13. Thanks for the replies... I've been using the Bose L1 system, so I'm very familiar with "eating" the mic, and it is when someone isn't at the mic that the feedback is occurring. Yes, I'm going into the back panel - and the Feedback light is on green (I rarely use the side panels at the moment, which have their own Feedback light/button) - but if I recall it didn't seem to matter when I pressed to yellow and then red or even off... I just remember someone talking about how easy the feedback suppression worked and how they could "...put the mic up to the speaker and let it feedback and watch/hear the unit notching it out..." (paraphrasing here) I've got another show tonight and will test it out some more. Been trying to use my L2ts more, but having the feedback issues has been keeping me with my Bose L1 Classic... Thanks again for the replies!! Tom
  14. So lately I've been taking my L2t instead of my Bose Compact for my Duo show. I plug my Bose T1 mixer into the back of the L2t and everything sounds great! But.... The Feedback Suppression doesn't seem to work. The last couple of shows, I've experienced some feedback and the L2t doesn't seem to notch it out. Is there a specific procedure I should follow? I was under the impression that it would be automatic - within a few seconds, but the feedback will continue for quite a while (I intentionally kept it going to see if all it took was a little more time than I was expecting). Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Tom
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