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  1. Im sure you figured it out by now. Tom got it right. Im going LR to my first sub then L6 to all the others. I know some guys like to have a separate mix for the subs but i haven't had issues enough to use it that way. I did when I first got the system.
  2. I was trying to use my lt3t at a wedding and the high end cut out. I tried to eq it and it would cut back in, back off. I'd like to know if anyone has had something loose in there that could be tightened or is it bad electronics starting to fail?
  3. I tried the zlx for mains and there's no comparison in the sound. I do use them (the zlx12p) for monitors. Had to send one back because of vibration rattling noise. And those are a 1000 watt peak. I'm sure with some good eq and a sub or two it may be just fine for some venues.
  4. Well I finally came back for a question and see I had some questions to answer. Sorry, I'm sure you've figured them out but. It's been almost a year since I've had my stagesource speakers. I have 2 Lt3 with the mixers in them , figured it wasn't much more and if I wanted to do something small I could. I added 2 lt3s subs also. Using them with l6link with my Berhinger X32rack. Still sounding awesome no problems at all no buzzing or rattling noises like others may have. I yet have had the chance to play out where I needed both subs. I hope to hear it together other than during practice. I'd like to know if anyone lets has the same set up with an X32 mixer.
  5. ill have to try it out. not sure it saves me any cabling since i probably should get the data cable for that. thank you!
  6. I wanted to know if going to my first L3s with Left and Right in from my x23rack mixer and then using the L6connector out to the tops and other Sub would work? Normally I use my subs in an AUX ch but I wanted to simplify it a little. Since the 2L3t are pole mounted on the subs Im thinking L/R from mixer to first Sub, then use 1 L6cable to the other Sub then I would only need a 6 foot cable to each top. Question is would it know there is Left and Right since ill use 1 cable to the other side? I hope I explained that ok.
  7. I hooked up my speakers for the first time wednesday.....hmmm what to say about them?...... Holy Cow!!! Im using them with my Behringer x32 Rack in a small room 15x12 where we practice. I ended not having to EQ the room like i did with the other speakers i had. I was able to flatten out the eq for the mics too. I was able to get much louder before feedback than before, this is awesome ! I did end up EQing a little because i wanted to see what levels i could get in there. My james tylor guitar and Hd500 sounded really nice too. I originally purchased 1 of the L3t for my guitar but since i wanted a new sound system i just added another and go Direct to the X32 with myHD500. works great sounds great! wish I had enough money for the L3s. Im just using a peavey 300watt 18"sub for now. anyways hope I don't endup with any of the rattling some are getting , so far so good.. Randall
  8. never mind, I just checked it out and the answer is no. I was hoping it was an eq thing for the guitar and not a total crossover thing effecting the other inputs.. would have been neat!
  9. Im wondering if i was to use my HD500 with the L3t using the L6link in guitar mode and added an Mic or line to the built in mixer will it have the same EQ as the guitar setting or the full range. Can you do both. i hope i explained that ok.
  10. thats probably what ill do.. It is what iv been doing with my older non powered speakers, again Im sure ill be happy with the L3t its just i was told one thing and it wasn't correct. Oh well. I need to get 1 more still. :) thanks, Randyc
  11. Maybe I wasn't waiting long enough. I guess i figured it would recognize it like USB, plug it in and it see it. Another Question. If i go into the L3t inputs It sounds like I plugged into a sound board directly with all the high end nasty grit. is there a setting I need to change? thanks
  12. I guess I could do that. I normally would use an AUX ch to the sub so I can send what i want to it. Thanks for coming up with other solutions.
  13. Im having a little trouble with having the L3t connect to my HD500 using the L6Link. I did go purchase a data/dmx cable for it today but ended up with the same issue as when using a good mic cable.. Is there a step by step process I need to do to have it connect every time? it seems random. If i turn off the HD500 to reset it and back on it doesn't connect to the L3t I reed turning them off and on but no go. If i leave it off for a bit and then on it connects. I worried that if I'm out giving and the power goes off or whatever happens then I can start back up and running quickly. anyways if there is a process I need to do to have them connect every time please let me know. side note. If I go xlr out of my Hd500 can i go to the line input at the top where the rca inputs are? I know it works but its way lower volume. am I not supposed to do that? thanks
  14. They as I referred to is the person at Line 6 that I called to ask the question.. I know enough about cross overs and bandpass filters to use them.. not really reinventing it was me looking at the EV speakers that have the option in their DSP to tell it there is a Sub attached and it will adjust the "crossover /bandfilters" whatever its doing to work with it. that is why I talked to LINE 6 before I purchased them. So now that I know it is Not possible (although I bet they could add something into the firmware to give the ability to do what I described.) I will just have to you the filters that are in my X32rack. its not the end of the world, I'm just saying I wish I had the right information because pushing a few buttons is fairly easy than setting up filters and crossovers. my sun only has 1 input and a pass through. If Im putting a Bass drum in the mains I though that might be pushing it a bit that why id like to filter out some low end. thanks.
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