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  1. jsburwell

    Helix FAQ

    K. Does this mean that by using only the L6 link cable, I could, perhaps, copy presets of my fav. amp models and add configuration to it to switch the DT to match the amp? Or do I need to do it via MIDI? I obviously don't grok the differences between the "output routing" of the Helix vs. the HD500s, since I've never used a Helix. But to me, it wouldn't seem to be rocket surgury to have the Helix switch the amp params on a particular path to match the amp being emulated on that path, if that path's destination is a DT amp via the L6 link. But perhaps the Helix has changed things so much that it just doesn't "fit" anymore. Also, are you saying that L6 never even tested the WDDW 4XDT configuration, or are you saying that L6 HQ is on a different planet? (harhar..couldn't resist). :p
  2. jsburwell

    Helix FAQ

    Oooh that was me. Well, I was at least one of the people who complained about the fixed windows size of HD500X Edit. So it sounds like I won't need to use the windows magnifier utility to actually be able to read the editor window on my 3K resolution laptop screen! I have a DT25 and it's pretty lame that the patches won't automatically switch the amp setup like on the HD500X. Reading between the lines on what you say above, it almost seems like line6 is just saying "get full range speakers, forget about the dream rig thing". I bought the DT25 because I already had the HD500X, and thought the idea of a tube amp automatically changing its hardware configuration to match what the POD was emulating was really cool. But a normal power amp/full range speaker setup seems the way to go for the Helix. (?)
  3. Update: I returned the POD HD + FBV Express MkII and got a POD HD500X. I thought about getting a FBV Shortboard, but total cost would be more expensive than just getting the 500X.
  4. Nice! My eyes aren't the best either. Now, they need to allow you to change the size of the Pod HD500X edit window. Why is the thing fixed size!? A lot of the FX and the fonts are pretty small on a 14" laptop.
  5. Would be my luck as I just bought my POD HD Desktop friday. ;-) Maybe that's also why price dropped from $399 to $199 on Amazon. Hrm. Mebbe I should return it. They are listed on that page, but try clicking on the link for the POD HD Desktop. It takes you to a page listing on the the Pod HD 500X, etc. No sign of POD HD. As Arthur Fonzarelli once said, "exactamundo!"
  6. Is there a glitch with the Line6 web site? I can't seem to find the Pod HD anymore, and I was looking at it earlier. The only pods it lists now is the POD HD500X and POD HD Pro X. Is Pod HD legacy now (doesn't show up there either). EDIT: I'm speaking specifically of the Pod HD Desktop
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