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  1. Hi man, I've just purchased a new Amplifi too. On top of that I bought a new iPad Air as well. I though it's goona bee smooth sailing and all. But the audio do drop here and there once in a while. Even when they were doing the demo in the music store (CK Music, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Great people by the way. I pored it up with my HTC one (android) for normal audio playback also drops her end there. But I am guessing that it's because of the Bluetooth capability isn't good. The phone can't go more than half a meter away from the speaker. But with my iPad Air I can go for a few meters. But once in a while drops, like once every hour or so. I really hope they can improve on the firmware in the future. It is the first of it's kind. I would be patient. Anything new always need a little tweaking here and there. I hope line 6 people actually read this forum. If not then the whole community thing I just useless. Waiting for a recording capability on thi with the USB port that is available.
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