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  1. neskor

    Dt 25 Firmware Update Problem

    don't even try with cheap $6 ebay midi cable ;)
  2. neskor

    Dt 25 Firmware Update Problem

    First, try to update from file.Try several times. Then try to put amp in safe mode if that don't work change in and out on midi cable. It is very frustrating job. I finally made it after 5 hours and I can't repeat it again :(
  3. neskor

    Dt 25 Firmware Update Problem

    I tried with another laptop with XP SP3 and new M-Audio drivers and after third attempt finally I made it! Update the firmware to 2.0. I tried to repeat again just to check is that a correct way but again I failed to connect to Monkey. I think i will quit now. I don't know why Line 6 is not using USB connection instead of MIDI on DT amplifiers.
  4. neskor

    Dt 25 Firmware Update Problem

    I was logged, but that didn't help
  5. neskor

    Dt 25 Firmware Update Problem

    yes, I installed latest one this one: MIDISport Installer 6_1_3_Driver 5_10_0_5141
  6. Yesterday i tried to update firmware on my DT25 but without success. First I tried with cheap ebay midi coverter but with no succes. Today I bought M-Audio Uno but again with no succes :( I just followed steps from user manual. I even tried powering in safe mode but again same problem. Every time I get this message Code 8000000A error. My operating system is Windows 7 64-bit. I tried same thing on different notebook with Windows XP but again I get same error message. Anybody knows what is going on?