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  1. I agree with all of you saying it's stereo when using bluetooth playback or going through the aux in the back with a Pod or whatever. Headphones; yes, it's clearly stereo, and also if you send it through a PA. However, all of that kind of defeats the whole point of this amp, doesn't it? It's supposed to give you a nice stereo feel when playing directly through the amp! I have found that I CAN detect the stereo, but there is clearly some of the delay signal coming through the main speaker, which is in conflict with the marketing. Anyway, although it's a pretty good sounding amp and fun to play with, I'd say it's not living up to the hype. My opinion :) I used a Peavey Stereo Chorus back in 1990 or something. Now THAT was stereo! To 12" speakers, and the chorus and delay was totally dancing around in the room. Haven't been able to find it again :( (Also, I am getting increasingly annoyed with the absence of controls when NOT using iPad etc. but that's another topic)
  2. I agree, I have to really concentrate to hear the stereo, even for ping pong delay. I thought the whole point was to NOT have effects through the Celestion at all, only the dry signal. However, I do enjoy the amp's sound in general and it's great for music streaming....
  3. Forgot to mention: it DOES play stereo when I play back music through bluetooth...
  4. I published a tone called STEREO TEST. This works fine with headphones, clear panning of the delay/echo signals. With the amp's speakers it's clearly mono, no mistake, no "subtle" stereo that i can't pick up, it's mono. Period. Please let me know if anyone else has this issue! I have firmware version 1.00.5 on an Amplifi 150 bought in Norway yesterday PN: 59-00-0160 Serial no SN: (21)TMA2L6401004941
  5. Same here, simply can't detect any stereo feeling from neither the stereo delays nor chorus or flanger... Got the Amplifi150 yesterday. Could not test that in the store without the app. Have updates the firmware to .05
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