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  1. I bought the Amplifi 75, prepared for "a truly immersive guitar experience". The wet/dry concept touted in the promotional material seems so right and is. But ... Where are the stereo effects that can actually take advantage of the speaker system? I know the speaker system can work for stereo. When I plug external stereo FX boxes (like my Zoom and Kemper) through the Aux input I can clearly hear the stereo. With the internal Amplifi voices - not so much. If I plug in headphones, I can find a (very) few chorus and reverb FX that might be stereo but they are so subtle that I cannot hear the effect through the speakers. Also, several of the effects that have "Stereo" in there name seem to actually be mono. Chorus, leslies, ping pong delays, and reverb should all be able to take advantage of the stereo speaker system. Otherwise, what is all the hype about?
  2. I solved the problem by downloading a newer version of the app. Works OK now.
  3. This only seems to work on a few parameters. Not sure why. IMHO it should always be allowed on FX's mix or depth parameter, even if shared by multiple effects simultaneously.
  4. I am having the same problem. Save to hardware only works very occasionally - mostly grayed out. I tried all of the above suggestions - nadda.
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