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  1. Thanks Guru ! Must just be my ears. ;)
  2. I would make an effort to go to a store and check out the speaker system on this amp. Although it is a 5 speaker system, the 75 watt only has an 8" speaker supporting bass. I own this amp and have used it to mess around with the guitar tones that can be obtained from it, but when it came to listening to music, I thought it was a little weak. It is made as a guitar amp, and for that, not a bad of one. One option would be to buy the 150 watt version, but at $500 you could purchase a mighty fine wireless speaker instead. I also had an issue with "turning off" the effects, so my music also had some tone settings which were not preferable. Anybody know a simple way of turning them off?
  3. Ah, thanks AE for the response. I was under the impression that the software could replicate tones based on some algorithms. But it appears that these tones are soley drawn from the "tone bank" being built by the user community. So one day I might get a "no tone found", but the next it may find one. I guess that will get me to spend more time working out tones to help out.
  4. I am having problems with this app finding tones. I have some songs which although not purchased through iTunes, will play through the amplify, but will not find a tone. I simply reads "no tone found". Any ideas what is causing this or how to fix it?
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