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  1. LutherDeLorme's post in Line 6: comment/bug in the Downloads section’s search engine was marked as the answer   
    Problem solved. My ticket helped. They have rectified it. The Line 6 Updater v1.12 is compatible with the Helix LT and it is now correct in the Downloads section. Fast respons by Line 6. Thanks for your input Silverhead!
  2. LutherDeLorme's post in Difficulty with Snapshots was marked as the answer   
    you must press OPTION, and while holding it down click on a parameter value. Then the brackets appear, indicating that that value now can be set different for every snapshot
  3. LutherDeLorme's post in What Should I Buy: Jtv Or Prs Guitar? (i Own A Hd500x) was marked as the answer   
    Well people, the eagle has landed, I bought a PRS Mira Orange.
    This afternoon I tried a few guitars at the store: JTV 69, Fender Strat American and the Mira. I also liked the Strat a lot, but liked the Mira more. The Mira feels like a very solid guitar where things are very stable, it has nice clear and warm tones and is a beauty for the eye. It came with a suitcase included.
    I am very happy with it, and expect I won't regret it. I thank everyone for their input, it really widened my perspective. I tend to go into tunnel vision mode in such matters and the forum helps with that.
  4. LutherDeLorme's post in Connecting Stereo Keyboard To Pod Hd500x Possible? was marked as the answer   
    Great! Thanks for reply and for the tip about adding fx loop to tone! Hadn't thought of that. Thx!!:)
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