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Connecting Stereo Keyboard To Pod Hd500x Possible?


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I have managed to connect my HD500X to my PC and I now can record guitar audio on my PC. (Which is by the way great sounding, way better then on iPad which I used to do.)


My question is:


Can I connect my Korg M3 (this is a synth/workstation with audio output) to the 500 and record the audio of the Korg in stereo on my PC?


I was thinking about connecting the Korg to the FX Return left and right input slots of the 500, and set the FX Return switch to line.

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You might also find (not 100% sure) that you need to insert a dummy plug into the HD500 FX Send jack to enable the FX Loop.

Just tried it with iPad (instead of Korg M3) and works fine, and dummy plug is not necessary.


Had a small hickup: the 500 spontaniously rebooted when I double clicked another tone in Edit screen on PC. But after that no problems.

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I do this both at home and live - Yamaha Motif XF6 rather than Korg M3, but I did used to use Korg N364.  We do Prog Rock and I double as both Keyboards and Guitar into FRFR.


You don't need any dummy send, just ignore it and any settings for it (unless your keyboard can also act as an FX processor...   stop too complicated)


Physical connections: L+R outputs of the Keyboard going into FX Loop L+R inputs, optional MIDI Out from HD500 into MIDI In on keyboard.


I place the FX Loop last but one in all my signal chains: for just Keyboards the MIX should be 100%, but if you want both guitar and keyboards then 50% MIX is perfect. Boost the Gain if required


The last FX in all my signal chains is my global volume so that I have foot control over it between a "background" and a "lead" level

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