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  1. Ah, perfect!!! Worked a treat, thanks for your help!!
  2. I'm still confused. I'm not talking about changing presets at all. I'm talking about 1 preset, not changing to another one. The HD500X allowed you to set the minimum for the expression pedal, say 30%. Then, whenever you brought the expression pedal all the way to the back, it would hit 30% which you've set, not 0%. The Helix doesn't seem to let you do this, at all. Pretty disappointing!
  3. That doesn't fix my problem Phil_m. Already tried that, doesn't change the problem I'm having. If I have the expression pedal all the way down (which is 100%), then change the position manually to say, 90%, the minute I touch the expression pedal, and re-position it back to all the way down, it's back at 100%. Not 90% which I'd set it to earlier. Am I missing something here?
  4. Hi guys, Having a real problem with one of the functions of the Helix. Been looking all over the forums, and can't quite find anyone mentioning the same issue (or maybe they are but haven't been able to explain it). My old HD500X would allow me to set what the minimum percentage position on the expression pedal and the maximum positions could be. Then no matter where you positioned the pedal, it always worked within the 2 percentages you've set (almost like maximum and minimums). Is there just no way that the Helix will allow you to do this, without creating a separate patch already set at the positions you want? It just seems to revert back to 0 and 100% the minute you move the pedal. Really frustrating! Thanks for your help everyone! :)
  5. That's exactly what it must be! I've been using headphones exclusively so far (plugging it in my amp tomorrow at a band rehearsal) and it's just something I've never noticed before. I was really surprised, but I guess it's just something I'll need to get used to, with headphones at least. Thank you!
  6. Yeah, it's almost as if the guitar is clipping when it goes in to the amp model. Really strange. I'll try to record it later, see what everyone thinks. It might just be something I'll need to live with...
  7. Still having issues. It's not the same issue as was mentioned on the facebook post. It's a sound I can hear whilst playing, it's not a 'ghost reflection' as someone has called it. I can hear it more on the thicker strings, almost like a harmonic on top of the note I'm playing, but not in a nice way. I don't get it at all with any of the clean patches.
  8. Thanks for your help guys, I'll give this a shot!! :)
  9. Hi everyone, Loving the Helix, and I've only had it a couple of days. There's only one issue that I've noticed - the high gain amplifiers create a lot of fizz, especially when palm muting. I've tried Padding the guitar in the settings menu, but nothing helps. Can anyone suggest any tips in getting rid of it? I've tried lowering the gain and boosting the master volume on the amp models, but it doesn't really help either. Thank you!
  10. Me too. Should be delivered in a couple of days. Hoping there wont be any issues with scribble strips etc :)
  11. http://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/product.php?product_id=GHELIXUK&source=froogle&gclid=Cj0KEQiAn8i0BRDur-HV1PCTy4UBEiQAPuFr9PA3hKgQl9bW3_Ek5Lqt4kHCJHbvAnQyYVE_JpIUHAgaAgqQ8P8HAQ In stock apparently!
  12. I'm hopefully getting my Helix this month. If there's any issue with it what so ever, I'm just going to be asking for my money back at this point. I've been waiting far too long to receive a product that would and should have failed inspection before it was shipped (as I'm guessing a lot of peoples Helixs with issues should have done). I've been using Line 6 for over 10 years, and had the XT Live, X3 Live, X3 bean, HD500X and now soon to be the Helix. if it doesn't live up to the quality of previous products, it'll be the last Line 6 product I buy.
  13. When did you order yours? My order is also with PMT, has me a little worried now!
  14. Not sure about anyone else who has ordered through PMT, but they have already taken the full amount from me, even though I haven't received the product. How easy would it be to get a refund if they don't deliver as promised? I know there are issues, but I need the pedal before the end of January. If I don't get it by then I'll need to cancel completely, although I hope that wont happen!
  15. I read elsewhere that a Line 6 employee said they just significantly under-estimate the reception for the product, even beyond their wildest expectations. It was a stab in the dark so to speak, so whilst it's good it's going down so well, in turn, they are getting more orders than they can keep up with at the moment. But yeah...mid-January really sucks. That'll be a 3 month wait for me...
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