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  1. I tried that but it kills the volume before I get anywhere near eliminating the noise. I have an esp with 81/60 coming early next year, but until now a single coil/humbucker Pacifica will have to do. The lead tone has nowhere near the noise levels of the rhythm patch, interesting.
  2. I followed your video, which was very well done btw, and it is exactly what I want. However, I have a lot of noise in the preset. I don't have the Ownhammer so I used a Cab 4x12 Cali V30 before the parametric EQ and it is very noisy. I am using it with a Yahama Pacifica and there is a humbucker in the bridge so its not a single coil hum issue. Muting either amp solves the problem, having them both on at the same time results in feedback and hum. Any thoughts? Thanks a mil, Tom
  3. Hi, I have just recieved my JTV-59, an ebay purchase and I love it. But no output from the magnetic pickups. I have tried changing cables, but the fact that I engage the variax and i works is a little unsettling. I opened her up but cant see anything loose ect and got kinda scared b the amount of cables. Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance.
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