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  1. Tried to update my Amplifi 150 via USB. When trying to put it into pairing mode, I hold down Tap and Tone while turning on. All it does is go "POP" and fail to start. So, I am attempting to update to 2.0 using bluetooth and my Ipad Hope this works. Not happy that my amp pairing mode doesn't work.
  2. I don't believe this is an issue of the one that "squeaked through". My 150 didn't rattle out of the box, but once it did it got worse. Before I fixed it, the amp was rattling at 30%. When I was considering returning it, the other 150 at a different GC also rattled. Looks like a design flaw to me.
  3. I agree. Exactly how could they miss this?
  4. FIXED I found the source of my problem. I took off the back panel and noticed that the metal wrap around grill is vibrating against the frame under the back plate. I fixed most of the vibration by jamming pics between the frame and the edges of the grill. The long-term fix will be to install adhesive gasket tape under the edge of the grill. I can either wedge the gasket under the grill or completely disassemble the amp. I know complete disassembly is the proper way, but cracking this puzzle box gives me nightmares. I am afraid of causing more problems. ***Adding on for visibility purposes*** We are aware of the reports of the AMPLIFi’s back panel vibrating under certain conditions. Although we have not found this to be the experience of all who use the amp, we take the reports seriously and are actively working on diagnosing the root cause and finding a solution. We will update the community as pertinent information is made available to us. We apologize to those who’ve had this experience, and we ask that you remain patient with us as we define and implement the solution. Line 6 Customer Support
  5. I am nearing my 30 day mark. I am leaning towards keeping it because I really like it as a low volume practice thing. Hate the vibration and I know I will eventually loathe this amp over it. Sigh...so close...
  6. I went to GC and played a new one and it had the same issue. I am really torn because I really like this thing. The jury is still out.
  7. I am going to bring it back and get a non vibrating one
  8. I am getting real bad resonance vibration sounds from the chassis of my Amplifi 150. When I hit certain notes, it sounds like there is a maraca in my amp. This is driving me crazy. This amp may have to go back to GC.
  9. When I put on songs, I seriously get the same 4 tones every time. I have started to make my own and publish them, and when I start one of those songs, I see my song. I don't want to be the only one making tones. I expected more...
  10. So... You are saying that the FBV Express will allow me to kick the stompbox on and off? I heard it just worked to switch patches.
  11. Trying out my new Amplifi 150. One thing I don't like is the lack of lead boost. Hoping that a footswitch is in the cards for the future. Has anyone tried a stomp box in front of the Amplifi? Anyone know which iStomp pedal works best? Will be testing myself after work today.
  12. The Amplifi app will only play songs you have downloaded on your device.
  13. I just uploaded a tone I call Methademic. Pretty close to the Sabbath "13" tone. Try it out!
  14. Amplifi 150 The amp keeps changing the tone to the first suggested tone on the list. Problem is, there is only one Motorhead tone, and it is crap. So I dial in a Marshall tone, put on my Motorhead album, and the amp keeps changing my tone each song. I am going to publish my own Motorhead tone. Meanwhile, how can I stop it from loading a troll tone. Whoever made this one is lollipoping with me.
  15. I just got an Amplifi 150. Is there a way to clear all patch data and create new tones. So far I have only been able to open other's tones and manually disable everything, load a new amp and build from there. Is there a better way?
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