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  1. Try this driver it fixed mine ... Here's the link: http://line6.com/sof...a.html?rid=6668
  2. So far I downloaded the updater to my laptop ver 1.10 I installed it and connected to my amp with USB. But all I see on my laptop is Select device to update and the list is empty. I am using an Android and it sees the amp just fine thru the Bluetooth. My remote app on my Android is 2.60.0 Help please! --------------------------------------------------- So I updated the driver ... download the Amplifi driver from www.Line6.com/software. Here's the link: http://line6.com/sof...a.html?rid=6668 Then disconnected and reconnected to the Android. At some point I had to do a factory reset I believe it was after the driver load. Now I can connected and use the Amplifi app! Lots of good SRV tones and I checked out Hendrix etc
  3. Hello I just got an Amplifi 75. So far so good but of course I need to sync it to an Android device. I saw a great deal on an LG tablet called LG G Pad II F V 495 8" 4G LTE WiFi Android GSM AT&T. Will this work for the Amplifi app it does say Android OS 5.0 Lollipop? And I assume there isn't a Windows 10 interface yet since there doesn't seem to be any topics on this. Thanks for any help!
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