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  1. new issue!!!! Why are the downloads showing up as tmf files? my pc does not read this type of file.
  2. OK, I tried this. It was from the flash download. It prompted me to connect amp to the PC, when I did I immediately got a box that stated finished and I clicked OK. So, your telling me I wasn't finished? As far as the prompt stated, I was done. how am I suppose to know when it's actually finished? Will it prompt me once again? Also, I was told I would have to reset my factory settings, but I have no clue how this is done. Thanks for the reply
  3. is anyone using Android? I need ti update AmpliFi Utility 2.0 but the instructions say to go to line6.com/software , all products drop down menu, select AmpliFi device and press Go.It should take me to the latedt version of Amplifi Utility so I can install it. NO GO! There is no such download available from the selection list. I'm at a loss and I'm ready to send this unit back and do a nice right-up on FB about the product. Customer support has been a ghost, no help at all. I'm sitting on a 400.00 amp that is basically useless to me at this point.
  4. i cant even locate the AmpliFi utility 2.0 to install it. the drop down box offers no such choice. I get a spider update, flash drive and multiple other downloads but no Utility 2.0
  5. I'm having issues updating my amp for my Android unit. I tried following the instructions but the instructions do not match the page performance. The latest version of AmpliFi Utility is not an option in the drop down box as the instructions suggest. What seems to be the issue?
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