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  1. So, I ran into a problem today while using my MKII with my Amplifi 150. Now, I'll admit that letting the amp stay on for multiple hours consecutively was not a great idea in the first place, though I wouldn't know if it is or isn't. Anyways, so throughout the day, the pedal worked nice, fine, and dandy. Then, just out of nowhere, it's like the Shortboard just sorta "froze". I couldn't switch to a different tone, add/remove effects, etc. My first thought was to unplug the chord and plug it back in. Well, usually the screen displays "FBV Shortboard MKII" then displays the tone that is in place of 01A within the amp. This time it just got stuck at "FBV Shortboard MKII" and nothing else. If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. I have the Line 6 Amplifi 150, and generally, my problem occurs when I go to select one of my personally created tones and try to save it on to the hardware. Since the last update, it allowed me to save one of my commonly used tones onto the hardware, but everytime I try to save another or even just select a different tone from the app, the app loses connection with the amp. I have the newest version of the app and for some reason, I can't seem to download the 2.6 update for the amp itself. I would say I've been trying to deal with this problem for nearly two years, but now it's gotten to the point where I get an error message telling me that it could not save the tone when I attempt to save a tone to the hardware. Any tips or tricks on how to fix this? Can't really afford to throw away $500 to get something else that'll actually work.
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