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  1. Yes, I've tried, turned off any bluetooth device, hold the bluetooth button for some second and it worked. I had to put the mac book really close to the Amplifi, it's strange because there are just 2 meter more or less, but now that the two are paired i've put the mac book back in it's original position and it's still working, I can hear the audio but there is some glitch and sometimes the connection with my bluetooth keyboard is lost, it seems the signal is not good probably even my mac book is a bit old or could be also my body between them. Any way, it's working thanks a lot for your suggestion Paolo
  2. Hi really nice tones, have you shared them on the cloud? Paolo
  3. Hi I've just bought an AMPLIFI 75 and exploring all the functionalities. At the beginning i was confused because I thought I could connect via bluetooth an android device with the App on top and another device like my iphone to play a backing track, but this is not possible. I can connect just a device at a time. So If I want to play backing track from my mac os i have to use the aux in, no way to do this using bluetooth together with the app form my tablet. But I don't understand why i cannot connect to the amplifi via bluetooth using my mac book pro, i cannot see the device in the list of discovered device. Is this correct? I've tried also with a dell computer, the same result. So Amplifi can be reached only by tablets, phone,.. it's strange. thanks Paolo
  4. Hi So Guitar Port Online has gone some years ago, now there is something similiar for the Viper series, but is not the same concept. do you know if there is some service like GPO on internet. I've tried http://www.jammmz.com/ but it's lesson oriented . I like the concept of jamming with real tracks (not ime to have my own band). any suggestion?
  5. Thanks a lot , just downloaded and started to have fun!!!!! Paolo
  6. Hi, after some years without using my guitar port I've decided to try it again, so i've installed the latest software and drivers and started using it with my guitar. The only application i've found to get some sound out of my guitar is the POD Farm 2 that says that i'm not authorized, license not found, so it runs in demo mode and it cost 99 $ to buy it. I remember there was an application with which i could use different model amps and effects. So pratically my device is not usable without this new application and i have to buy it? is there any alternative to guitar port online? thanks Paolo
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