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  1. Oh ok ! Did'nt understand. So, if i have a cable that plug jack from pod in the computer line in i can record with something like audacity. But i need 2 types of cables. Jack to 1/8 to record, and Midi to Usb to communicate. That's right?
  2. It's a Medion, i do not have the reference here.. (not on my PC right now). It is 4-5 years old.
  3. Thank you, i'll buy one of those M-audio cable. So, if i correctly understand, if i want to send audio to my computer (in order to record), i need to have a sound card and plug my headphone out?
  4. Thanks for your answer but i can't reach the page.
  5. hello everyone, I'd like to know how to connect my pod 2.0 to my computer. I just bought a Pod and there are no cable. I want to load preset (from the line6 site) in my POD, so i need to connect it to my computer and use line6 monkey (right?). I don't have any sound card. Do i needto buy cable like these? http://www.amazon.fr/adaptateur-clavier-musical-ordinateur-portable/dp/B002MXP6YS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393519307&sr=8-1&keywords=Cable+midi+usb PS : i'm french, so sorry for the bad english. Thx for your help.
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