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  1. I have the same problem. The update seems to take endless. I am sorry, but if I see all the issues, Line6 you must be kidding. No advice, No manual, No help. Is this the best you can do?
  2. The thread died on January the 29 and came back to life yesterday. So here I am again. I really appreciate the different thoughts even if not all belongs to my initial question. So thank you so far! I am aware of the pros and cons of digital stuff, but there are two things for sure: first I do not want to make a career as tapdancer and I am done with tc electronic. That was the starting point, which lead me to the POD and the question rack or floor. In the meantime I got a POD HD Pro X and think it is pretty good for my needs. After fiddling around for a while I have a setup with 4cm which works with my JVM and also with my Ironball. There is no real issue with tone sucking. I only have some additional noise with higher gain settings. But this seems to be a minor problem (of course for me and my kind of music) as the gates in the pod are working quite well. Right now I am waiting for the new FBV 3 as I rellay like the idea of having one single board in front of me with one single cable. Does anyboy know when the board will be available?
  3. Too many options, oh dear! :o Thank you again guys for your input. It is confusing, but very helpful! :) I am quite aware of the different options, but my main concern ist the "tonesuck"-issue of some devices. To have multiple devices is not an option, so a M13 AND a M9 is not on top of my list. And as I mentioned I play a JVM and will certainly not replace it with a modeller. I simply want a MFX with acceptable effect quality and the option to switch from "Clean Channel with nice Chorus and Reverb" to "Heavy Rock with Delay and whatsoever" with a SINGLE step. This is quite easy with both units HD 500X and PRO as both can switch channels of my Marshall via MIDI. But - coming back to where I started - I fear that additional gear and additional cables suck too much tone. I've seen so many posts in different forums saying "no way to get It work without loss of tone" on the other hand quite as much saying "no problem to set it up properly with a little tweaking". I used a GT8 (wrong company - I know) a couple of years ago only as FX in the loop, because it was not possible to set up the unit with 4CM without loosing lots of sound. This experience took me quite while and I have the hope, that a more advanced device lixe the 500X or the PRO would produce better results. Hope @PeterHamm is right with the cable issue...
  4. @shredjsx: What is your kind of music? As I am playing most of the time classic and hard rock, it seems strange in some way to switch from a tube "Monster" to a thing like a L3t. Don't you miss anything? ;-)
  5. O.k. and thank you so far. But the MFX-market has not a lot more to offer (especially as I am done with TC-Electronics!). So it is quite logical to take a look at the PODs even if the modeling is not really needed. M9? What is the advantage of the M9 to the 500X? The price difference is not so big, so that I do not see a reason for the M9. Do I miss something?
  6. Hi there, actually I am a little bit lost. I am seeking a MFX mainly for the effects and not so much for the models. My amp is a JVM410H and I would place the unit in the FX-Loop. BUT!!! => I like the idea of playing around with the 4CM and can imagine to use it regulary if it works well. So now the question: I am not sure if the additional cable needed in case of using the 500X (easily about +20 meters in live situation) can cause problems in terms of sound loss and so on. I like the idea of having a simple FBV in front of me with just one cable to the 19"-Unit. The easy answer would be: "Go for the PRO!" Thats right, but this easy answer means to spend 500 EUR more in comparison to the 500X. It hurts a little bit more, as I do not need the "studio stuff" which offers the Pro in addition to the 500X. Anyway I would accept the additional money, if there would be good points which make the PRO to the clear winner in my situation. Thank you for any advice or hint. Axel P.S.: Sorry for my english.
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