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  1. I understand that the market for a lefty isn't really great. But if they wont do it, why not selling the electrics and routing information to a shop like warmooth to make some lefthanded guitars if customers want some. For me the distance between company and customer isn't close enough. I like Line6 gear a lot, but imho they could be much better if they would improve their equipment and if they would listen to the customer.
  2. Never had any problems with batteries. I bought a second battery, so even one is still fully loaded. Didn't noticed a lack of sound at low battery as some guys replied. Last week i played a song during rehearsel with LP model. During the song the battery died and modeling switched off. I noticed it only after the song when i tried to switch the model. That's a big advantage. The stock pickups sounds really good in my opinion. For me its absolutely not necessary to use a cable.
  3. No, the Kemper doesn't support to switch the models of the variax. I'm playing like any other normal amp. I have to switch the models at the guitar. But it is very comfortable to choose the amp and cabinet for each model of the variax. I mainly use the T models.
  4. I'm playing a JTV 59 together with a Kemper. I think the Helix is in the same range. I never had problems with the piezos. A modeler + Variax is a powerfull combination. You are able to choose the right amp, cabinet combination for each model. An acoustic model for example played through a normal amp can't sound really well. In my opinion if you are familiar with modelers you can't be wrong to choose a variax. Try a Variax at a shop first, because the necks aren't for everyone. I'm still happy an won't change anything. Maybe the neck if i could.
  5. I would change the neck immediately, but the JTV 59 has a set in neck. Not easy to change. I would like to have a little bit thinner maple neck with maple fretboard and the neck shall not be painted. I thought about it a lot of times if it's worth or not. What are the options for the US models? Only painting or do you have the possibility to change the wood or the fixed bridge with a vintage vibrato?
  6. The JTV-59 is my main guitar. I will definitely buy a second one as backup. It is very versatile and the setup and quality is better than expected in this price range. The only thing i could criticize is the fretboard quality and the lack of options for neck, fretboard and color. First the guitar arrived the fretboard looked more like a piece of plastic than high quality wood. After a lot of oil treatment it's ok and remember it's not a 3000$ guitar. The other thing is a problem for most big companys like Line6. They don't improve the gear they have. After a while they release a new product. Same like the JTV's. No improvement for color, neck etc. They released the standard now together with Yamaha. The gamebreaker for me would be if Line6 would have a workmanship e.g. with Warmoth. You could choose the body type and wood, the top wood, the neck dimensions you prefer and so on. Warmoth could make all routings and wirings under license. It would be a little bit expensier. The Dream Variax at the moment for me would be a Tele (maybe curved top) with quilted maple top in yellow and a maple neck and fretboard with matched headstock. The scale length should be the same as for PRS. Better a second one in red with a nice PRS vintage tremolo and locking tuner. ;)
  7. Thats exactly what i did but it doesn't work. I havn't muted the channels, because i'm not sure if it's for both channels or not. I'm a little bit concerned. I have to try it again on tuesday next week. Let's see if it works.
  8. Hi Starting from the beginning worked and we have now a stereo pair for iem. Thanks SiWatts69 for your help. But i have another question. I have tried to use two condenser mics with phantom power as ambience mics. The mics are behringer b5. I've connected the mics and used auto trim. All worked fine, but the mics should only send a signal through monitor A+B and should be muted through l6 link out. I set the output level to off and the monitor level to minus 4db but with main output off the mics doesn't send any signal. Is there a chance to send the mic signal through monitor output only? Another bug last saturday: we recorded a short song to have the chance to hear it in front of the PA without playing. But only vocal and one guitar comes out of the PA. On InEar and during playing all signals were hearable. Strange! I have to investigate this problem at rehearsel this week.
  9. Thanks for the quick answer. I diddn't found the button "make stereo pair", but i will try it again. Maybe it could be better to unplug all cables from the monitor outs first and start from the beginning. ;)
  10. Hi Sorry if i'm asking a question which is already answered, but i've searched the first eight pages and didn't found the right answer. I know with firmware 1.20 there is an option to pair two monitor channels ( e.g. A+B ) as one stereo channel. I will use it for stereo InEar monitoring. Yesterday at rehearsel I've searched all the menues but didn't found the right option. I tried the Tweak modus, went through Output channels -> Monitor A and tried to load a stereo preset but it wasnt there. :huh: Can anybody explain in detail how to pair two monitor channels or give me a link to a video about this case? It drives me crazy! Another question is about Pan adjustment for stereo channels. We have a Roland TD-30K connected via L/R main out to channel 11+12. This channels are paired as a stereo channel, but there is one Pan controller only. The only possibility is to pan the signal more left or right but not to adjust the stereo width. For example in my DAW i use to mono channels for left and right and set it e.g. 20%L and the other channel 20%R. For the Stagescape is there any possibility to control the stereo width or is it the better option to use two mono channels? Thanks in advance.
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