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  1. hi all, I recently bought a spider jam amp and fbv shortboard mkII. I'm looking at performing looping songs live creating a drum beat live also. I was wondering if it was possible to record and overdub a live vocal drum backing on bank a and the guitar parts on bank b with the notion of taking the guitar parts away while the vocal drums continue for the bridge then bringing them back again for the chorus? thanks
  2. speaking of the spider jam and shortboard mkII is there any way of recording, for example a vocal drum loop on one channel and loop over it on a different channel so when i play live i can record the drum loop live and play that all through but bring the guitar loops in and out?
  3. hi all, I am still very new to this and wondered if anybody could help. i recently bought a spider jam and fbv express mkII and wondered if somebody could talk me through how to loop without any tracks and if it is possible to loop on two separate banks bringing each one in and out. eg having a layered verse on one and a layered chorus on another? thanks
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