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  1. Well I got a response. The tech suggests adding compressor, eq and turn up the amp sim volume. That doesn't fix the problem for me. I only want to hear the sound of my instrument, no amp, no effects. I have sent a reply....
  2. I opened a ticket for this problem. No reply yet. The web page says to expect a response within 3 business days.
  3. I am having a similar problem. Very low levels from the guitar (on both the iPad headphone jack and headphone out on the Sonic Port). If I turn up the ipad volume to almost full I get to an ALMOST usuable level ... but then all other sounds from the iPad are at a ear splitting level. Is there a way to adjust the gain on the sonic port? I have tried both the Mobile POD app and JamUP Pro (both with the volume slider maxed) Tried two guitars (a regular strat and an active bass) Tried two sets of headphones (not an issue anyway, since there is plenty of volume in other apps) Tried two patch cables (they both work fine to my amp) Ipad Air, IOS 7.0.6
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