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  1. Just acquired an FBV longboard to use with a POD X3 pro. Volume and wah pedals and their lights work, but the LCD display doesn't light up and none of the buttons or their lights work. Has anyone else experienced this? Update: Ok, saw someone else mention in another post the ribbon cables inside the FBV coming unconnected. Sure enough, took off all the screws and popped it open, two of the ribbon cable connectors came loose. Popped them back in and now works fine. My question now is: What kinds of solutions have others used to keep the ribbon cable connectors from coming loose? I noticed there was a sort of white caulking substance laid around the connectors but obviously they didn't work (they seem kind of soft). Need something I can feel confident will not come loose during a show.
  2. I don't think the POD can directly switch your 5150, but there are various units out there that the POD can control via midi to control your 5150. I use an old Rockman Midi Octopus to switch my 5150, to control both channel switching and effects loop on/off. They're no longer made but you can sometimes find them on eBay. Another one I see on eBay quite often is the Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 which can do the same thing. I have one of the old Peavey 5150 two-channel half stacks. The channel/effects loop switching input on the back of the 5150 takes a 1/4" TRS jack, so you just need to buy a 1/4" TRS jack that splits into two 1/4" TS jack cables (one TS to control channel switching and the other TS to control effects loop on/off).
  3. Been using a POD Pro for years, love it! Recently though, I've been tinkering with a more flexible system that incorporates a 5150 half stack (the old Peavey two-channel model). The 5150 receives its input from the unprocessed out of the POD and I use a Rockman Midi Octopus to control the channel switching on the 5150. I like mixing the dry 5150 tone with POD stereo sounds (running through a Peavey stereo tube power amp into two Marshall 4x12s). The limitation I'm running into right now is that I can't cut the unprocessed out on the POD for patches where I don't want any signal to the 5150. This would mainly be when I play completely clean and only want the sound to come from the POD (I don't care much for the clean sound on the 5150). The POD X3 Pro has two unprocessed outs. Can either, or both, be turned on/off and saved to a midi preset?
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