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  1. isn't that what taxes are for?
  2. Of course if it sounds good to you, it doesn't matter. I was just curious if there was clear knowledge one way or the other among the Helix community, and it appears that there isn't. Again, no cry of foul play if Line 6 does this.
  3. Yeah this part is making me think these are stacked impulses rather than actual microphones. Perhaps even the proximity/distance parameter is impulse based as well? Maybe we'll never know for sure :(
  4. I know there are plenty of other companies that do this, and as I said in the OP, this is no accusation of foul play, I just want to know if this is commonly known information already about the Helix. Fractal provides notation between which impulses were captured with a neutral microphone and which are blends of actual microphones, though that notation is a little confusing and you have to research what the suffixes mean to understand and distinguish them. And in the first part of the series, I was running through the exact same cabinet impulse set up in my DAW, so I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to there. I ignored hi and low cut because as I said in the intro, they weren't intended to be the best tones in the world and you can dial these in to your preference when you actually have the units, but I was trying to just give you a straight up comparison of the amp models alone, not dialing things in to my or your personal preference. Not to mention I wasn't actually using the cabinet blocks built into the units. I'm completely transparent in saying I prefer the Fractal, I think that's perfectly clear, I'm not trying to act like I'm totally unbiased. I said that in the intro to the video. I am more active in their community because I prefer their product an use it more often, simple as that. However, I have no vested interest in the success of Fractal or the failure of Line 6, I'm doing my best to support my pro-Fractal opinions with effective evidence, and I'm giving the Helix credit where I think credit is due. I am not on a crusade to "bash" one or the other, I'm just trying to cut through all the crap that's out there and give people honest information about the differences between the two so people can decide for themselves what's right for them.
  5. So I'm neck deep in making a comparison series between Fractal and the Helix right now, and I've been bothered so much by a thought that I had to come here for a definite confirmation or denial. My question is this: Are the Helix cabinet impulses the actual microphones being placed in front of the cabinet being captured, or are the microphone models actually impulse responses of the microphones being placed upon a neutral reference microphone's impulse response of the speaker cabinet? If that phrasing doesn't make sense, I'll explain with two methods, using an SM57 as an example: Method One: The Standard. Cabinet is set up, an SM57 microphone is set up in position to capture it, impulse is taken, then the microphone is moved around and captured in various other positions/distances. Then the SM57 is changed for, say, an R121, and the whole cycle repeats itself. Method Two: The Cool, Modern, Easy Way Cabinet is set up, a neutral reference microphone (designed for completely flat frequency response) is set up in position to capture the cabinet in all the same positions as you would a normal mic. Then a impulse response of an SM57 is placed on top of the neutral impulse response to give it that flavor, and so on and so forth with other microphones' impulse responses. The reason I ask is that it is highly unusual for me to see that the AKG D12 and D112 are options for every single guitar amp, and I feel like that would be way too much effort for Line 6 to go through on microphones that are basically only used for bass amps and kick drums. It makes a lot more sense that they simply had those impulse responses to stack on top of each other, and figured they might as well include them with the guitar cabs. This was something Fractal was doing for quite some time before they started focusing more on actual microphone blends, so this is no accusation of foul play, I would just like a clear answer on this. Thanks!
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