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  1. To answer one of my questions: For those who might want to remove all the factory user presets. 1. First backup all of them in the Editor -> save it to say file-name "original-factory-presets" 2. Unplug the USB cable from your Express or Shortboard foot controller. 3. Exit and restart "Spider Valve MkII Edit" - You'll notice now it's empty with Defaults - now you can plug-in the USB cable to your foot controller and "Send ALL" to your Amp to be saved. or what I did is since the Default still had a few things enabled I disabled them in the editor then sent ALL to the amp. Anyways.. the factory user presets are great and lots of fun so very few will need to use this trick above but I did it cause I did not enjoy the Volume spikes.. oh, that's another thing I set the Defaults to Volume 10.. well the first 12 I did.. I wasn't about to go through all 64 of them :) besides, I'll only be using at most 16 for my own presets. That's all and I think for my other Question it might be possible to assign FX-1 through 4 to a FBV Express controller using the MIDI software for your foot controller but then you lose Channel switching function so I never did try it yet but it might be possible - instead I ordered a Shortboard cause it has a few extra buttons like Gate on/off, loop, etc .. does it all basically :)
  2. The Amp is so far perfect ! Best Cleans and Crunch tones for the money! Now, until I grab a "FBV Shortboard", does anyone know if it's possible to save two Effects e.g. FX-1 and FX-2 to a "FBV Express" pedal without saving the entire Channel chain? also, I see no way of deleting/removing unneeded Presets via the MkII Editor -- is this possible? Thanks
  3. Sounds good enough to me.. I just ordered one earlier.. I know i'm 5 yrs late but I only recently found out they have Octave Fuzz and U-Vibe built-in ! the rest is gravy ! I can't wait. Thanks !
  4. MKii version. Are they reliable?, any horror stories or is it good 2 go... thanks
  5. Hey I just noticed another earlier update that shows "Octave Fuzz" for the IV series or am I wrong? Wish somebody could check this out on their Amp and does this update work for the MKII Valve Amps as well? http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifiers/spider-ivspider-online/spider-fx-infusion-152-update-faqs-r272 being a snob I really want both Amps but only if the Octave Fuzz and Uvibe effects are added :-)
  6. Thanks. They still don't have the "Octave Fuzz" effect but it's ok. Maybe next update might have it :-)
  7. If they watch this thread.. please ad "Octave Fuzz" to any of the NEW Amps, please :) and keep "U-Vibe" going as usual. : )
  8. I see "U-Vibe" listed but no "Octave Fuzz". Perhaps with a Firmware update they've been added?. I see on the website the MKII Amp models have both effects included with the Amp but I can't find any New ones for sale online, just Spider IV's seem to be available but I need those two effects so I can get some use out of this FBV pedal :)
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