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  1. I ended up buying a Roland JC 40 and it's surprisingly loud and clean...all the way up too. I've played it with other musicians in a band setting and it definitely has enough volume to hold its own...I think the Roland speakers are extremely efficient and this is responsible for the prodigious output. It should be fine for a small gig. One thing I've experimented with is running the line out on the back of the amp to my Mission Engineering Gemini 1...100 class D solid state watts, 1x12" FRFR speaker. This combination (2x10" stereo and 1x12" mono) works stunningly well and if I ever get into a situation where I need a bigger punch, that setup will surely suffice. As far as running the Helix goes, I believe the JC 40 might be one of the best neutral guitar amps around. While I sold my Helix and moved to a Fractal Axe FX II XL+, I can say that this amp works better than any I've encountered with a modeling rig. It reproduces sounds more faithfully, especially cab/IR sims. Much to my delight the IR's sound much more authentic running through the JC 40 than any of my other cabinets. In fact, this was the reason why I decided to try this amp...I wasn't totally pleased with the sound of straight FRFR speakers in a live setting. There was just something missing...mainly that punch to the solar plexus only a real guitar cabinet kicks out. The Roland JC 40 brought that punch back AND maintains my tone very nicely. All that said, if Roland does come out with an 80+ watts, 2x12" version of this amp, including all the unique features like a true stereo input and stereo line out, I might be tempted to buy it but I'd still keep my JC 40 as well. It's perfect for home use and recording.
  2. When using the Power Engine, do you folks run a cabinet block or impulse response in your signal chain? Or do you just let the Power Engine's Celestion speaker be the cabinet? I have one PE from years ago and I'm considering a second. I've been experimenting myself and I agree that the PE sounds decent however, my powered Mackie FRFR studio monitors sound significantly better. The PE sounds pretty muddy when I use various cabinet blocks and a little brittle when I remove them from the signal chain entirely. I wondering if some serious EQ-ing could make the cab blocks sound significantly better. --Stefan
  3. Folks, I just got my hands on a Helix and I'm extremely impressed so far. Nonetheless, I'm trying to figure out how to use the unit in a live situation. I know most folks will instantly say a set of FRFR speakers is the way to go but they are pricey and I'm looking at other avenues. Has anyone tried using a Roland JC 40 with a Helix? The JC 40 has true stereo...two inputs and 2x10 speakers. http://www.rolandus.com/products/jc-40/ The Roland JC amps are general known for being extremely clean and neutral. I wonder if they would produce results similar to the Tech 21 PowerEngine...another amp which seems to work well with the Helix. Thanks, --Pangloss
  4. Same here...very annoying. I just bought my Helix AND a bunch of Ownhammer and Rosen IR's and I can't load them. MBP Retina (2013), OSX 10.11.3, Helix 1.11, Firmware 1.10
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