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  1. No it either sits atop my rack unit or on the floor in front of my monitor
  2. Thanks for the help! I played it just fine this morning in RF1 w/o my foot controller. We're doing a show tomorrow night, will set up first with all my gear, get a good signal then have everything else in the band turned on one by one to see if anything else is the culprit. Who knows maybe the gremlins are getting tired lol.
  3. Never in my pocket. It was a Line 6 Authorized Service Center that checked it out for me. I use a Kemper Profiling Amp, an EV powered monitor and a Roland FC 300 midi foot controller and that's it, not even active pickups. I have tried it on different power supplies and away from all my other gear. Does Line 6 know of any compatibility issues with any of the products I mentioned?
  4. It's never in my pocket. It was a Line 6 authorized service center that looked it over for me. I have tried it 5 feet from all my gear and on a different power supply. I use a Roland FC300 midi foot controller, an EV powered monitor and a Kemper Profiling Amp nothing else, not even active pickups. Are there compatibility issues with any of these products that Line 6 knows of?
  5. I bought my G50 in December and it's been unusable for months due to constant dropouts. I replaced the instrument cable and even paid $25 for the local Line 6 tech to tell me nothing is wrong with the unit. The dropout is constantly happening, in and out all the time especially if I move around. I've tried RF1, RF2, every channel, different guitars, different venues and nothing works. I use the original power supply. I gave up. It's been sitting in my room collecting dust for 4 months now. I want to sell it and get a rack mount wireless but not sure I want to deal with a return and an angry customer, even though Line 6 says nothing is wrong with it. Any advice?
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