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  1. Hi everyone .. I solved !! .. I have downgrade the transmitter to version 1.03, I previous updated to 1.04 .. now it's working again .... hope this work with you ..
  2. Same problem me too .... RED the transmitter and Red or Nothing the receiver .... I tried also to update the firmware .. but nothing happen ..
  3. Opened a ticket and the answer was to try to update the transmitter, I did it, now it works again .... everything ok, Thank You ....
  4. Just yesterday my G10 starting flashing red and no transmission .. it doesn't work anymore ....
  5. Hello, it's possible to use the G 10 Transmitter with the XD-V 75 Receiver ?
  6. Hello, since I already have an XD-V75 is possible to use the G 10 transmitter with the XD-V75 receiver? Thank you
  7. Ok, thank you !! .... do you think this problem between the transmitters and receivers can exist even if not used the in ear monitor ? I ask this because the other night we did not use the headphones, but the transmitters were still turned on .... Sennheiser also do not have attacked the antennas to the transmitter, but have a paddle antenna mounted on a mic stand ( that the other night was not connected since we did not used headphones ) .. in rack there is also an amplifier for the antennae ( like you can see in the picture ) .. another question: could improve reception and therefore eliminate these drop out problems using a P180 Antenna ? Thank you so much, you are very kind and professional, have a good day
  8. the antennas are 2, in one XD-V75 there are antennas and this is connected daisy-chain with the other one, the same thing for the other 2 XD-V75 .. 2 antennas and 4 Xd-V75, they are inside the rack, since are on the back of the receiver ..
  9. .... sorry, I wrote bad, they are RF1 mode ....
  10. Hello, I still have some problems of loosing connection with my XD-V75, especially with the one associated to the microphone, all of my 4 XD-V75 are in RF2 mode .... In the same rack there are also 4 Sennheiser transmitter for in-ear monitor, but these are not digital, they work in UHF, maybe this can cause some problem ? here you can see a picture of my rack : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15792848/IMG_0740.jpg thank you, Tobia
  11. Hello, Thank you very much !!!! I will set all the receivers in RF1 .... and we check them tonight .... thank you again, Tobia
  12. Hello, well, we are using 4 XD-V75, 2 have the antenna and 2 are daisy-chain, all of them are in RF2 mode, but we have some drop out and we stand very near to our receivers, ( 2 meters ) .. It's better if we use them in RF1 mode ? Another question, do the smart phone ( iphone or other ) can create interference with receivers, since all the people is connected to internet ? Thank you very much, Tobia
  13. Hello, I already have a G55 for Guitars and a XDV-75 for the Voice, Now I would like to add two more XDV-75, one for the trumpet and one for sax. The question is, you can link them in daisy-chain all four using only two antennas ? I had already done only with the G55 and the XDV-75, can I do it with 4 units ? Another question: Since the receivers are in a rack, can I put the two antennas that I will use on a stand using a Pair of LMR-195 antenna extension cables ( 15 Foot, although I would be enough 6-foot ) ? Thank you very much, Tobia
  14. OK !! Done I changed in RF 1 .... tonight I will check this mode ....
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