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  1. Should have read all the replies above first. Followed instructions and all is now working. Thanks to those who contributed
  2. I have a JV 59 and Shurikan Variax'. When plugged into my Helix there is no recognition of the models as toggled on the two guitars. At first I thought it was just the JV 59 and took it into the shop. No problems. Toggle works when plugged into amp on both guitars. All I get on the Helix is the pickup changes. Have changed cables, guitars, amps, batteries etc. All works except when plugged into the Helix with the Variax cable (have tried three cables). By process of elimination it can only be the Helix. I am on version 2.60
  3. Where do you make the bridge adjustment as I find the action just little too high on my newly arrived Shuiken. The bridge looks like it is flush with the body and can't be lowered.
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