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  1. No, this is now a global problem with any patch I select. Those suckers are off. There one day, gone the next. I'm guessing it's a fault but as this machine has so many options I thought maybe I'd managed to turn them off myself (I've run the LED test now and there is no response). I'm a new user and I've been fiddling around as I always do when I get a new piece of gear, this has it's dangers :-). I looked thru the documentation but couldn't find that "feature". I know there are undocumented things - like the power up modes for testing, so I thought maybe I had turned these LEDs off inadvertently. (Truth be told, I actually quite like them off - stops the unit looking like a crashed UFO on stage :-). I've been getting teased and the boys now call it "Mike's Pinball Machine"...bunch of Luddites those boys ) I'm pretty sure it's a fault now so I've opened a ticket. Cheers
  2. And while I have you here. All the lights just went out on my footswitches. I'm assuming it's a fault but maybe there's a setting somewhere that I haven't found yet, that kills them? Any ideas? (actually, I'm almost liking it without all those lights) Cheers
  3. Excellent! Thanks so much. Your Guru status is confirmed :-)
  4. I wasn't sure how to search for an answer to this question so I thought I'd just ask it - Sorry if it has been asked somewhere else. When you are in Snapshot mode and you change to Stomp mode and say, turn on a drive that wasn't part of the original Snapshot. Then swap back to the original Snapshot, how do you make the original Snapshot turn off that drive? What I'm getting is the drive saying on when I actually want just the original Snapshot without the drive. I'll often go to stomp mode just to get a little extra something. I might change quite a bit of the original Snapshot but just want it all to go back to normal when I re-select the Snapshot - You get the idea :-) Cheers
  5. 60 Second WTF! Yeah, I'm shocked by this too. I'm a new Helix user and ran into the problem last night. I thought I was doing something wrong. I honestly never bothered to check the max record time before buying the Helix because it's going to be 10 minutes or something for sure...It's a BOODLY Helix right...the Rolls Royce. Nup! My 5 year old Fractal FX-8 does 4 minutes in stereo, surely a new whizz-bang Helix will be more than that. Because of that one thing this unit has lost some of its mojo for me. I loop a lot and 1 minute is just not enough. Please Line6 sort this out.
  6. Well it appears that even though the HX Edit software, during installation, asks you if you want to load the HX Drivers, you still seem to need to go and load them separately. Well this is what happened to me anyway. So I went back to the downloads page and found them, downloaded them and installed them. Now it works faultlessly. I've loaded the software on to my laptop and two desktops and have had no issues. Thanks for all your input and suggestions.
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