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  1. Hi everyone, I have a pod hd500x and now i'm looking for an amp to buy. Maybe it's gonna be the dt25, but now comes the doubt: Is 25w too small for me? Most of my time actually I play at home with headphones or studio with their amps. But right now going to start playing in not very large bars (and they provide only the drum kit). So, is 25dT enough for my situation? thanks in advance best regards Pablo
  2. Hi everyone, I have a very basic question about connections (i guess). I bought a POD HD500x and now i'm wondering what to buy as my output sound system. First of all, can I use the POD hd500x as an amp? Do I need a head o buying a cabinet o baffle would be enough? For instance I saw on ebay this Line 6 dt25 cab, theres no amp on it. How could I connect the pod into this cabinet? Or I'll need the dt25 amp option? I mean, I have already plenty of amps sim options on my pod hd, so I prefer not to use another one if it's an option. But will that sound good? thank you in advance. Pablo
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