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  1. Thank you for the follow up posts. I will check it out a bit. If I should find anything different I will post it here.
  2. Was there ever any resolution to this? I am getting the same type of ghost notes with alternate tunings. Was it fixed with 2.1? FWIW - I am on 2.0 but never saved any settings or made changes through WB. Not sure if it came from the factory with 2.0 or if Sweetwater flashed it prior to selling it to me. Due to life getting in the way, I am past the 30 day swap period, and I am just now getting to know the JTV-59P. Really like it so far but obviously would like to get this issue resolved. Thank you.
  3. Does anyone have an updated link to the tutorial PDF? It doesn't seem to be functioning. http://www.vettavill...al 6 290107.pdf Thanks.
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