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  1. joelleigh

    Helix FAQ

    Hey Jonny, I bought an ampli for a practice amp last year and they are handy as heck. Great stereo Bluetooth from my phone and really nice amp and effect sounds.That said I don't think you would want to use it with Helix since it's already an amp modeller and doesn't have an effect loop. I use the helix with powered pa cab at home and that works nicely. I also have not used my amplifi since I got the Helix so I'm thinking of selling or maybe trading it in for a jtv!
  2. joelleigh

    Helix FAQ

    Waiting patiently for my Helix on order here in Canada, but I'm wondering if I'm using an external delay routed thru helix sends and returns will it be momentarily muted if a preset is switched that also uses the same routing thru the external delay?
  3. joelleigh

    Helix FAQ

    I use a roland gr-55 for acoustic sounds, alternate tunings and some synth that i mix with regular guitar sound. If i use 2 inputs on the Helix (one for regular guitar one for the GR) can I turn inputs on or off, and mix or separate inputs at patch level?
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