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    75 Or 150?

    Have just gone for the 75, and am very pleased! I think it really depends on what your using it for. If you are planning to gig with it, go for the 150. If you are just using it for practicing at home, IMHO the 75 is more than enough. It's plenty loud enough for home and has great bass and depth, whilst also being fairly compact. I was originally going to just go for the 150, but after hearing both in the shop, at low - medium volume, I couldn't tell the difference. To me the issue with the 150 was its size. Just a bit too big and bulky to sit comfortably at home (without the wife complaining!) I went from a Yamaha THR 5, and at the moment, am totally loving the Amplifi!!
  2. Hi, So I've just bought an Amplifi 75 and thought I'd share my initial thoughts/questions with everyone to see what everyone else thinks. First off, I bought it purely for home use. I have to say so far, I'm pretty impressed. I had a Yamaha THR5, which although it produced some nice tones I always felt it lacked real depth and bass, in particular when playing music through the aux input. The Amplifi is a different beast altogether. Really nice rich deep sound with plenty of bass and volume (for home use at least!) I really like the IOS app, I also like the tone matching feature. Ok its not perfect, but from the stuff I've tried so far its pretty good. Its interesting because I've seen quite a few people on here complaining that the tones/effects aren't that good. I just cant see it. For what your paying, it seems fine to me. There are some things I think they could improve, but I suspect they are more relevant if your using the 150 and want to gig with it. In particular only being able to save 4 presets back to the Amplifi seems pretty limiting. Not an issue if your always at home with internet connection, but I cant imagine it would be great for gigging. I'd also like to be able to create sounds from scratch rather than just having to edit existing ones. I'd also like to be able to play tracks from other places than my iTunes library (eg dropbox) within the app. Lastly, Id also like to know if its possible to use a pedal board to turn effects on/off. EG I'd like to be able to switch the phaser on during a song. I believe its possible using the FBV Shortboard, but has any one tried this??
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