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  1. I’m a noob and interested in your setup. Can you explain how you use this and set it up for a total beginner? Sounds interesting.
  2. Hi, everyone. I am using this mostly for practice, so I am looking for something with a small footprint that is still accurate and allows me to stream backing tracks via Bluetooth. Any guidance is appreciated!
  3. Just wondering if anyone has tried or heard a Helix through the MF? Thinking this may be a nice inexpensive solution for my new yet-to-be-delivered Helix.
  4. I just looked at the list of amps and realized there are no bass amps? What gives? Anyone use their bass with any amps?
  5. Total noob question; I have powered computer speakers with 1/8 jack. Do I plug that into the headphones in order to play through the speakers or something else?
  6. Out of curiosity, what would be the benefit of using the Firehawk at your gig as opposed to the 500x? All of the 500x models are in HD whereas only a handful are on the Firehawk, and I'm assuming if you've gigged with it, you've taken the time to dial in your tone. BTW, I'm not asking to be a jerk, I had the Firehawk but returned it for the 590x over reliability issues. I haven't opened the 500x yet...
  7. This is a pretty niche question for someone that owns both, but if you run the Trio through the Pod and connect the Pod to your DAW, could you record the Trio beats?
  8. I really enjoyed the Firehawk but ultimately I returned it because it had issues. Hypothetically speaking, the 500x is capable of the same tones and more, correct? And here's a bonus question. I know it isn't class compliant, but can I run it through an iRig to record on my iPad and will it sound good?
  9. If that were the case, online retailers would cease selling them. As of now, they are still in stock and ready to ship.
  10. You know the feature I love the most about the Firehawk? That I can use the camera connection kit to record into the iPad. So convenient for a scratch pad. Too bad the HD500x isn't compatible. Neither are any of the Boss products for that matter.
  11. I was the wise one. I sent mine back to Musicians Friend. No way it's going get fixed. Even if they do release a patch.
  12. Is this possible with the 500x?
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