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  1. yeah that's what I do, I open podfarm on its own, without riffworks being opened and I can see the mic 1 ect section above input A and B, however when I click mic 1, nothing changes. it still says in the drop box... instrument, not mic. I never used to use podfarm, I used guitar port years ago. and just simply plugged in a mic, and started recording acoustic straight. I just need to know if I need podfarm to rn a mic for riffworks. because all I want to use is riffworks, for recording an acoustic guitar!
  2. right, if I unplug my ux1 it comes up as you said, the rec and mic 1 settings. what settings do I use, and what do I do basicly, so when I run riffworks, the mic works?
  3. nope? his is frustrating!!! theres just two "rec" drop bars, and they both say as before... tone a tone a semi and dry
  4. alright, im going full stupid... when I click it, it dosnt say anywhere to select mic or anything in a drop box, only shows/ says... REC: Tone A Tone A(semi) and Dry input? sorry for the stupid questions, ive been up for hours trying to figure this out?
  5. alls I see in pf2 is called mixer view? cant see or find mixer tab?
  6. right, so ive bought the line6 UX-1. for simple recordings. installed everything from PodFarm2 to Riffworks T4. and all I want to do is simply plug in my mic (JTS PDM-3 Dynamic mic) and record off my acoustic guitars. however I get no signal from the mic. ive tried google and forums and im so confused and lost. anyone able to walk me through the basics of either podfarm2 or riffworks just to get a signal out of the mic so I can record with my acoustic guitar please!?!?!
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