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  1. It's just something I've read a few times or maybe it was on YouTube. Probably just a few "cork sniffers" being overly critical but I wanted to ask here because you guys have more experience. On a total side note, I'm curious how you guys think the helix rack compares to the Line 6 POD HD Pro X rack as far as sound and feel etc. Especially in a mix which is what I care about mostly.
  2. Thanks for the info. It all makes sense as far as the integration you mentioned etc. The reason I'm asking is that although there is nothing wrong with BIASFX for my needs (direct recording into PROTOOLS with EZ Drummer and sometimes backing tracks), I'm looking to "upgrade" to a unit like Helix or Fractal. I know both aren't cheap (the Axefx especially) but I see it as a long-term investment that I'd prob keep for years so I'm not opposed to selling gear to get the Axe if turns out it's better for my needs. If the Helix bottom line sounds just as good, then it would be hard for me to justify the fractal. I know it probably comes down to trying out the Helix and then going from there.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Do any of you hve experience with BIASFX and if so how would it compare it to the HELIX?
  4. I have asked myself the same question because recently I have been looking into the Helix. It seems that most "big names" (Phil Collen, Metallica etc) are using AxeFx. I wonder if they could tell the difference in a blind tone test or in a mix. I wonder if its that the Helix /Line6 is considered more of an affordable "consumer" level product and AxeFx is considered more of a "pro" level product that is out of reach for many people?
  5. Hi there...I used to own the HD500x and sold it years back. I am thinking about getting the Helix rack almost exclusively for recording at home direct into Pro-Tools. I dont gig. I'm currently using BIASFX Pro and its fairly versatile and is easy to use in Pro-Tools but it has its limits. It sounds pretty good in a mix. I am now looking at the Helix and AXEFX3 and reading as much as I can and watching every video I can. Putting aside the cost difference, which is not insignificant, my concern with the Helix is that I have read several times that the IRs on the Helix are considered by some to be "inferior" (maybe not the right word) and that in order to make the Helix sound on par with the AXEFX, you have to buy third-party IRs (cabinet simulations) from companies like Ownhammer etc. Do you Helix owners find this to be true? Thanks.
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