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  1. Anyone know if the relay 50 transmitter can be received but the g10s? I have the podgo wireless and the yamaha thx and the g10s on the main board and am using the g10tii nubby things whoich work great for strats and the like but some of my guitars have sunken inputs that the g10tii wont fit into so am wondering if i can use any of the bodypacks with the pedalboard receiver? Thanks Ken
  2. I've tried to make it work over and over but the problem is, it doesn't exist. Because I'm left handed. What the hell Line6? Don't offer the idea of a dream rig if you aren't going to allow me to build it.
  3. Yes you can. Simply turn it off in the app, but you will need to do so for all patches where you want it disabled. There is no global disconnect.
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