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    75 Or 150?

    i have a 3 piece classic rock band who gigs regular. I currently use a spider 4 75 watt, but the volume is never higher than around 10 o clock..a smaller, lighter 75 watt amp would be cool. So, what were you using before? We dont run instruments through the monitors, only vocals.
  2. Yea, that's what I thought, there seems to be a lot of false or confusing info out there. Thanks.
  3. I have a 3 piece classic rock band, I'm using a spider 4 75 watt with short board. My question is can I disable the volume pedal on the 75 watt amplifi like I can on the spider 4 ? It's really annoying to step off the wah and then have control revert to the volume pedal at a gig. On the spider 4 you can set the min and max for the volume pedal essentially disabling it. It would be even better if there was simply a way to disable it completely. I also have the spider 4 75 watt never turned up louder than 10 o clock. It's plenty loud for bars at that setting ,the way I have the channels set.. Can the 75 watt amplifi compare with that? ...anyone have any experience with that?
  4. so, once i have a preset, any preset, amp. cabinet, whatever, if i want to make a slight change to it, like volume or drive or whatever, i can do that with the knobs on the top, then save it. i dont have an iphone. and i dont wanna have to mess with an ipad on stage if all i want to do is turn up the volume on my clean channel a little. I have the shortboard mk 2..
  5. Lots of people here and other reviewers are saying you need the app to adjust or save the presets. Is this true? That doesnt make any sense...I have a 3 piece classic rock band, ( i use a spider 4 now). 4 sounds is all i need,but i would surely want to be able to make any adjustments at a gig without dragging my expensive ipad around with me. I dont own this amp yet, but the manual seems to show that the amp can be run from the top controls without the app at all. Adjustments can be made to the presets,those changes saved.... and the presets can even be moved from one to the other just by switching using the preset selecter..so,,is that right?
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