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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody has messed with this because with some pedals I would like to have a more dynamic setting to turn them on rather than just hitting a button and being at 100% wet. I know I can do this with the expression pedal but I would like to have a separate pedal. Thanks!
  2. WOW, great advice dude! I've been playing with a cab and head for a while, experimenting is not something unheard of you know, but now I've learned so I know what not to do. Your last paragraph pretty much explains how I got myself in this mess. Thanks for you advice, I will try it out!
  3. I appreciate your concern, but the thing is I wouldn't being doing any mods myself, I have a friend whose done it before, all I would need to do is buy the parts. Besides, everything is a learning process, so for you to get aggravated serves no purpose, I, and most others, are here to learn. Your censorship is only preventing me from learning more. If you really wanna be helpful, then give me a resource so I can learn about this stuff.
  4. I have a fender champ x2, with input, out, and footswitch. Sadly no fx loop
  5. Not at all, after reading what you guys are saying I figure I'm fortunate. So my question now is: Are there any mods, or pedals and such, that will allow me to put my eq between my amp and cab?
  6. Thank you for your help
  7. Thank you guys for your help, thankfully nothing was destroyed. (maybe it wasn't destroyed as fast because I have a really thick cable from the eq to the cab?) Unfortunately my amp does not have an fx loop, I would really like to mod it now, but Ive only had it for a day so I dont really wanna jump the gun. Is it still safe to use my mixer in between the amp and cab?
  8. Can you explain what you mean and how to set it up correctly? Im kinda just going by ear here.
  9. Hey guys, PLEASE HELP! My rig: Guitar into tube amp - amp out into pod - pod into eq board - eq into marshal cab. *out does not cancel out the sound of the tube amp This is how I get the tone that I want. Its subtle effects and control over gain in the low and middle end, with the treble on 10 on the amp, sound so tasteful when mixed correctly. One sticky problem is that I really would like to able to use certain effects before and after my tube amp, that way I can choose which go into the cab. Is there any way to do this? Thank you!
  10. Thanks for your replies guys, Ill take your advice. Currently I am using a Godin b5 full hollow with a blackstar Id series head with a marshal cab. I love the amp but its definitley not for the style I have grown into (will be trading soon). I can sound jazz as hell even with a lollipop amp because of the godin neck pickup, but yea. If this info helps then shoot some ideas!!!
  11. Hey guys! I have my pod running through my amps fx loop, and I love it! Can anybody help me get this jazz tone: What distortion and reverb combo would help me pull off this slightly crunchy tone. Also, am I forgetting about a compressor or something else in there? AAAAANNNDD (sorry lol), can you guys recommend a good eq dial for this tone (My guess is cut bass and mids).
  12. Hey guys. About a year ago I bought a pod hd500x, and I like it a lot. There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with it, and I would like to keep it BUT... I current have a blackstar head running into a marshall cab. I LOVE the sound I get out of it, however, when I use the four cable method to run it through the fx loop, the quality of the sound is brought down exponentially, even when I'm using a patch with nothing on it. My question is: How can I make it so that you cannot tell the difference between me running straight into my amp and through the pod fx loop. At this point I'm honestly considering selling mine, and trading in for pedals, but I would like to experiment a bit more to see if I can figure things out. Thanks in advance!
  13. Ah! My mistake, thank you! And interesting points. I will try out your recommendations. I feel the ebow will be limiting (vibraphone chords and diads are what i like the most). I especially like the electro-harmonics pedal. I just wish they had a patch like this for the pod :(.
  14. Hey guys, I'm looking to extend the note duration of my guitar on the pod without using reverb. My end goal is to have the control and timbre/flow. Please help me with making my guitar sound something like this. Brainstorms: -) adding reverb and then using a noisegate to shorten the length. + problem I see with this. The flow and extended duration of each single note will then be controlled by and outside source, thus limiting the duration of notes that I want to ring out. -)...
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