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  1. you talking about DBSPL, perhaps you can give an explanation in this thread for the L3S?! in the specs i can find the following text: depends on the configuration. but what does that means???? 100 dbSPL with L2T and 120 with L3T???? or always the same like the tops???? please let me know this! and a hint for you line 6 guys: the guy who wrote the specification on the german website copy the specs from L2T into the column of the L3s. This is wrong and confusing!!
  2. if there would be a gig in the next two weeks, perhaps i got a similar opinion like you. but next one ist on august the 9th, and i'm not the guy who tries to make problems if there isn't anyone. in these days many people demand so much from other people, but they forget the human behind it. my dealer never treated me wrong. look the special deals i told in my thread above. i also use the big T (i think you meant this dealer), but they never made a special offer to me. they determine the prices in whole europe and it is hard for the local dealers. but one part of their success is to serve all the wishes of their customers immediately. and i think this is not the way it has to go. everthing goes faster and faster, and more and more people can't stand this pressure and crack. for example: in the early days of ebay you sold things and everything was ok when the package arrived within 10 days. today you sometimes got a bad feedback if the package won't arrive within 5 days. but perhaps i just got a different view of this.......... my fear was that the stagesource system isn't as solid as the regular systems on the market. but you guys already compose me. if they running, it seems to be a solid and good system.
  3. it is nice to see how all of you try to help me. but everything ist all right. in germany it is like this: if you buy something in a local store you have no rights to give it back / to refund it. when you purchase something through the internet, you have 14 days to refund it. many german internet dealer give you 30 days, but that is their decision. i bought my stagesource system at my local dealer, because they give me better payment conditions and i prefer to give little shops the chance to be alive in these days. therefore i have to wait 2-3 days longer to get the things i wanna have, because they haven*t all these things in their warehouse, so they order it from their distributors. for example: in germany the L3S costs 1199 euro and the L3T 999 euro. my local dealer gave me the L3S for 1075 and the L3T for 895. i wanted to buy the L3T now and the L3S at the end of august. my local dealer handle it like this: he purchased the whole system for me and said: give me the rest of the money when august ends. so i think they servicing me good, but if something happens like this (broken L3S) i got some disadvantages.
  4. @ BucF16: what was the setting of your volumen knobs? 12 o'clock or full power. and what is the size of a baseball infield??? perhaps in meters? ;)
  5. thanks for your answer. our L3S shows the symptom also without any cable plugged in. i contacted my local dealer and he contacted the german line6 distribution. their answer: the L3S get a repair, but no replacement. what should i say??? 3 hours of life is a short life for a speaker, but it is long enough to be my problem. :angry:
  6. This forum is very very fast, i like it. When you use the stagesource, setting the knob at 12 o'clock, what was your maximum on the main output of the stagescape? 0 db or above it? Video tips? Sounds cool, thinking you show us how to set limiters and compressors, for louder sound but perhaps less dynamic. I will like it
  7. The last times we used the stagesource system we put them on half power (knob at 12 o'clock). While our rehearsel we got enough volume, but yesterday at our open air event (yes this is the event our L3S broke) half power was a little bit under powered. We did not try to power the system up, because the failure of the L3S...... Has anybody tried to run the sytem at full power with high output on the stagescape? What happens with the sound at such a high output? Distortion? Working limiters? Greetz from germany
  8. good morning, and thanks for the fast reply. i will contact my dealer tomorrow on monday. yesterday we were a little bit disappointed because the failure happened early in the life of the speakers. first we planed to equalise the missing low-end by powering up the second L3S, but then we were frightened that another failure could give us the rest. what are the experiences of the other users??? how many failure have accompanied you?
  9. First an introduction of myself: i am a 39 year old guitar player from germany. I Play in a 4 men coverband. Please apologize my english, but school is long ago......... Last year we bought the stagescape m20d and used it with two db arena 18sw and two mackies c300. Sound was good, but this year we decided to upgrade to the stagesource sytem. They arrived last monday, so we were able to test them at our rehearsel. Today we giged at an open air event. After the soundcheck we started our opener, and after 30 seconds the pa stopped playing. Worst case!!!!!!!!! But we found the problem immediately. The first speaker in the bus , a L3S, switched off, so the other speaker lost the connection to the stagescape. We saved the gig by taking the L3S out of the chain. So we played two L3T and only one L3S. It worked but without a fat low-end. After the gig we tried to start the broken L3S again, but without any results. When you switch it on, you can hear a clicking, perhaps a relay, but the speaker doesnt come to life. It is only clicking and clicking again. The LED on the front side stay dark and no sound is coming out of the L3S. What could be happened????? Wrong daisy chain???? We used m20d----> L3S ------> L3T ------> L3S ---------> L3T. Or perhaps to much level from the m20d???? But i thought to much level would activate the limiter of the L3S!?!?! Or a monday production ( i dont know if you use this word, in germany it means a bad production day)?!?!??! Thanx for helping
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